Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches Are Now Available at Costco

Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches Are Now Available at Costco

Updated May 16, 2021. Alpha Foods is introducing five new vegan breakfast sandwiches and burritos at Costco.

Each vegan breakfast sandwich and burrito combines Alpha’s own plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy, with “taste-awakening” spices. Each serving contains 17g of protein and can be prepared in minutes.

The full selection includes a Meatless Sausage, Plant Egg, and Cheeze sandwich, Spicy Chorizo sandwich, and Plant Egg & Cheese sandwich, as well as the Protein Supreme Breakfast Burrito, Bac’n Scramble Breakfast Burrito, and Rockin’ Ranchero Breakfast Burrito.

The Plant Egg & Cheese sandwich is already available in select locations: Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and the Southeast in California, and Hawaii. But, this is ahead of a national retail launch for the full range later this spring.

As per the brand’s press release, the introduction of this new range marks efforts to “seamlessly” fit healthier and more environmentally friendly ingredients into all consumer’s daily routines, starting with the most important meal of the day.

“We are continuously reimagining convenient, plant-based options for everyone to enjoy during every meal of the day,” said Cole Orobetz, the co-founder and CEO of Alpha Foods. Orobetz also saw opportunity in the plant-based breakfast space, and “knew we had to bring something delicious to the category.”

“These breakfast sandwiches and burritos are just that,” he added. “As a brand, we will continue to identify those holes and fill them with innovative products that vegans, flexitarians and meat lovers can enjoy together.”

Alpha’s vegan breakfast sandwich: ‘the most authentic taste and texture yet’

The vegan industry is booming, and some experts predict that plant-based eggs and dairy are the next big breakthrough areas after the success of meat and milk.

There’s already a rapidly growing number of vegan egg and cheese products in supermarkets around the world, and across the vegan food sector companies are additionally emphasizing the need for healthier, tastier, more sustainable, and more affordable plant-based items.

Beyond Meat recently launched a healthier, “even meatier” version of its Beyond Burger, while Impossible Foods introduced a new-and-improved patty (the Impossible Burger 3.0) with reduced salt and saturated fat content back in 2019. Alpha Foods is no exception to this.

“Our focus is on high-quality ingredients with exceptional flavor and texture,” said Loren Wallis, co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Alpha Foods. “The new breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito lineup features our next generation Alpha proteins with fewer ingredients and the most authentic taste and texture yet.”

Editor’s note: Since publication, this article has been corrected. While Alpha Foods’ full vegan breakfast range will launch later this year, only the egg and cheese breakfast sandwich is currently available at select locations.