How This Vegan Burger Joint Is Shaking Up Fast Food

How This Vegan Burger Joint Is Shaking Up Fast Food

Vegan burgers are a force to be reckoned with these days. While the traditional burger is symbolic of all that’s wrong with our food system, vegan burgers have become the poster food for all that’s possible. All that’s good. Popular vegan burger chain VeganBurg is leading that charge. The chain recently received the prestigious Movers and Shakers title from Fast Casual, the leading news source for the burgeoning $23.5 billion industry.

VegnBurg’s secret? Catering to the ever-present love for fast food classics like burgers and fries, but with an East-meets-West twist and a mission to change the world, one vegan order at a time.

How VeganBurg Is Leading the Change

“This award is exceptional, not only it is a testimony of what we do, but also, an affirmation to our vision of building the burger of the new generation,” says VeganBurg founder Alex Tan.

VeganBurg was founded in 2010 by Tan with the mission of inspiring worldwide change for the good of the planet and human health. Beef burgers topped with gooey American cheese are comfort food staples, but a growing body of scientific evidence points to animal agriculture as the driving force behind climate change. VeganBurg is on a mission to promote a plant-based diet as a means of combating climate change with better fast food.

How This Vegan Burger Joint Is Shaking Up Fast Food
VeganBurg founder Alex Tan receives Fast Casual’s Movers and Shakers award

“Let’s face it, the fast food system will continue to be a big chunk of our lives. We cannot change the system, but we can change what goes into it,” Tan says. “Together, we can fight climate change and start a food revolution. Let’s change the world, one burger at a time.”

Vegan burgers are also better for your body than beef. Medical studies have shown that meat-heavy diets have a higher health risk than tobacco. Health concerns are one of the reasons why 60 percent of Americans are reducing meat consumption, according to a study from Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future.

“VeganBurg is a healthier and more sustainable option. People can see that it’s fast food for the future,” Tan adds.

With two locations — one in Singapore, the other in San Francisco, –, the brand has built a reputation as a pioneer in vegan fast-casual food thanks to its creative menu.

Its menu is centered around colorful spins on meat-free burgers. Its best-selling Avocado Beetroot burger combines plant-based protein with shredded beets, creamy aioli, and classic toppings on an organic bun. Hawaiian Teriyaki draws inspiration from the Big Island, featuring char-grilled pineapple with teriyaki sauce and VeganBurg’s signature patty.

The unique menu options are inspired by global cuisine. Anything can be customized with avocado, bacon, egg, and cheese — all vegan.

The wide-ranging sides selection includes crisp fries seasoned with seaweed, the healthier Sizzlin’ Broccoli, crispy vegan chicken tenders, and loaded fries smothered in creamy garlic sauce. Dessert won’t leave you wanting, either: dairy-free soft serve ice cream, cookies, and cake are all on the menu.

With its menu, VeganBurg already embodies the food of the future; vegan food is on the rise across the nation, with mainstream chains adding meat-free options daily. According to recent data from food-focused platform Foodable Labs, there was a 300 percent increase in vegan food orders in restaurants just last year.

Committed to Quality and Service

VeganBurg’s success can be attributed not only to its menu, but also traits important to today’s consumers All ingredients are non-GMO, organic, and sourced as locally and seasonally as possible. Ninety-five percent of the menu is made from scratch and everything is cholesterol-free.

VeganBurg wants to make fast casual food healthier and sustainable

The commitment to sustainability carries over to packaging and the restaurant design itself, too. Recyclable or compostable paper and corn-based utensils are used wherever possible. The industrial-safari chic interior makes use of recycled wood pallets and energy-efficient lighting.

From Singapore to California and Beyond

The fast casual chain’s commitment to providing quality food paid off: The San Francisco location experienced sales growth of over 40 percent, year over year, since opened in 2015. In 2016, it was named one of the top 16 Burger Concepts to Watch by The Daily Meal. It received the San Francisco Green Business Award in 2017 and is a favorite of DJ Steve Aoki, Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes, and Paul McCartney.

Laste last year, VeganBurg opened its doors to franchising in the U.S., signing its first deals in California less than a month after the announcement. Another store is set to open in San Francisco Bay Area in 2020 and the brand is currently working to raise funds for more restaurants in California and beyond.

“We want as many people as possible to enjoy fast and quick food that is both sustainable and delicious,” says Tan, “And who knows, maybe 5 years from now, we’ll be saying g’day in Australia and hanging out with new mates in England.”

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