9 Vegan Canada Goose Alternatives to Keep You Warm, Cozy, and Stylish This Winter

9 Vegan Canada Goose Coat Alternatives to Keep You Warm, Cozy, and Stylish This Winter

Although its outerwear may be warm, with its down stuffing and coyote fur trims, Canada Goose’s jackets are not cruelty-free. However, there are many brands out there that offer vegan alternatives to Canada Goose which will keep you just as warm, stylish, dry, and cozy. See below for a list of nine companies that offer cruelty-free jackets and coats to see you through to spring.

9 Vegan Canada Goose Alternatives to Keep You Warm, Cozy, and Stylish This Winter

1. Wuxly

From parkers to bombers, all of Wuxly’s stylish jackets and coats are 100 percent vegan and are made as ethically as possible. On its homepage, the brand even displays a running total of the number of animals it has saved from harm.

To find out more, see Wuxly’s website here.

2. Le Chateau

Whilst not all of Le Chateau’s clothes are animal-free, the brand offers a selection of vegan leather and cashmere jacket options for its cruelty-free customers as well as nylon puffers and tweed coats.

See its website here.

3. Mountain Equipment Canada

If you’re off to hit the mountains this winter, Mountain Equipment Canada has the perfect  gear for you, stocking a number of animal product-free, synthetically insulated options to keep you cozy on the slopes.

See its synthetic insulation options here.

4. Noize

“Stay kind, stay warm” is Noize’s motto. Without a need for feathers or fur, Noize offers a wide range of stylish insulated jackets and parkas. It’s even PETA-approved.

Find out more, here.

5. The North Face

The North Face offers a number of vegan, synthetically insulated options – and it’s environmentally friendly, too. Earlier this month it re-launched its ThermoBall range as “ThermoBall Eco.” Insulation for each jacket in the new range is made from recycled plastics diverted from landfills.

To shop the ThermoBall Eco range, see here.

6. Save the Duck

As its name suggests, Save the Duck is all about proudly saving the animals. The brand offers a number of quilted jackets, bodywarmers, and parkas for people of all genders who care about being kind and staying warm.

See its website here.

7. Nau

Nau offers a handful of waterproof, animal product-free jackets to keep you nice and dry whilst out and about this winter.

See its website here.

8. Vaute

Vaute is eco-conscious and style-conscious. Grab one of its super fashionable, warm, vegan, and cruelty-free jackets quick, before it goes on hiatus.

See its website here.

9. Frank & Oak

Not only does Frank & Oak offer cruelty-free, warm winter jackets, but the products are made sustainably too, with recycled materials.

See its website here.

Image Credit: Noize | The Kitten & Crow 

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