10 Vegan Friendly Career Paths To Help You Make a Positive Difference

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It’s important to remember that it won’t always be possible to avoid non-vegan career choices – some times in life, we just don’t have an option and in these circumstances, simply do the best you can. Office assistant? Try replacing dairy with plant milk for coffee and choosing more veggie options when catering for an event. Restaurant server? Befriend the chefs and suggest some fun new menu options.

If you are lucky enough to be in a position to switch jobs or you are still at school deciding which route to take, you’ll be pleased to know there are some choices out there which are less likely to compromise your values.

To help you with ideas, here’s just some of many career paths which can be totally vegan-friendly!

10 Vegan Friendly Career Paths To Help You Make a Positive Difference

1. Retail

If you are a lover of all things food-related, working at a health food store or green grocers could be a fantastic pathway. Retailers are looking for knowledgeable, passionate staff who can offer advice and recommendations to customers. Vegan friendly retail doesn’t have to be limited to food though – some other options include ethical fashion stores (usually independent businesses), second-hand/thrift shops, book stores and libraries, sports shops and a variety of other outlets to suit all interests.

2. Doctor

For a start- we need more of them! This is a serious career choice for anyone, and requires years of hard work and dedication. In this situation you’d have to think of the bigger picture though as in all likelihood the medicine you will be prescribing will often contain non vegan ingredients or will have been tested on animals.

Avoiding unnecessary pharmaceuticals is where you would have an advantage though, in addition to a better ability to influence people (colleagues, boards and patients alike). Having a doctor who understands nutrition, who can be involved in research studies or simply lead by example, will outweigh the nuances of animal ingredients used in the line of duty. And who knows – maybe you’ll be the one to eradicate them for good?

3. Teacher

As a teacher, you have the means to educate students on the benefits of eating healthfully, showing compassion to others and how to better protect the world they live in. You can challenge your students’ way of thinking and allow them to draw their own conclusions and be a reliable source of truth by answering their questions.

If you intend on being more proactive, you can even introduce vegan-friendly meal options on the School Board, at school events or help the canteen transition into serving mostly or all, plant-based foods.

4. Plant-Based Nutritionist or Dietician

As with being a doctor, taking on the role as a qualified nutritionist or dietician means the information you give a patient is more likely to have an impact and be trusted than that given by a kind/well-meaning friend or family member.

There are a range of courses to train you for a career in plant-based nutrition or dietary services, these could be found at a nearby educator or online.

5. Working at an Animal Sanctuary

Working at an animal sanctuary can be so rewarding for you and beneficial for the animals you care for. A career path at your local animal sanctuary or rescue centre could involve one-on-one animal care or caring for groups of rescued animals among many other fulfilling duties.

Also, getting paid to be around and help adorable animals all day? Yes please!

6. Animal Rights Lawyer

Animals, just like people, need lawyers to be their voice and fight for their rights too. Because these roles have major impact upon the legality of animal injustice, you’re likely to come home after a long day feeling accomplished and satisfied with your achievements for others.

If you want a career which requires challenge, high-thinking and works for animals, rather than with animals, an animal rights lawyer could be well-suited to you!

7. Conservationist

Conservation work can be done in a range of different ways and there are many career paths within it. From influencing policies to working with NGOs or getting down an dirty in the wild, there’s something for every environmentalist.

This career could take you across the globe with a focus on anything from water, soil and wildlife conservation to environmental health science (just to name a few!).

8. Creative

Lyrical artists can use their creativity to write thought provoking music which spreads a message. Artistic jobs can come in many forms, and although aren’t always well paid, can have a huge impact on society. As a painter, a photographer, film maker or poet, you can use your abilities to turn ethical issues into a memorable message, which is a form of activism in itself.

9. Politician

Like it or not, political leaders have a lot of influence in the running of our world. Unfortunately, very few people holding this stature also follow a vegan lifestyle. That’s not to say it’s unheard of though – former US Vice President Al Gore has been a vegan a for at least 5 years, Bill Clinton previously adopted a plant based diet and a number of Danish politicians recently took on a vegan challenge to combat global warming. To vote for a vegan in a political election would give many people the confidence in knowing that the true impacts of climate change, declining public health and poor treatment of animals will not be taken lightly.

10. Entrepreneur

Struggling to find a career that suits you or jobs available at an organisation you are comfortable working at? By becoming an entrepreneur, you create and tick all the boxes yourself! As an entrepreneur you can found your own vegan friendly company, invent innovative products, and be your own boss! Better yet, you will even create more vegan jobs for people just like you.

Ever had an idea that has been bubbling away inside you and you’ve always thought “man, I’d love to do/have/create that”? Actions speak louder than words, my friend.


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