You Can Now Buy Vegan CBD-Infused Soap Made By Nuns

You Can Now Buy Vegan CBD-Infused Soap Made by Nuns

You can now buy vegan CBD-infused soap made by the “nuns” at Sisters of the Valley.

Nuns are often associated with Catholicism, but the Sisters of the Valley don’t have any affiliation with the Christian religion. Nicknamed the “weed nuns,” the women are inspired by medieval Beguines; they believe in passionate activism and female empowerment.

All of their products — including vegan CBD-infused soap, CBD tinctures, and vegan Tropical Salve — are prepared during moon cycles.

“The sisters sustain their farm operations and their compassionate activism by making products for the people in a spiritual environment,” reads the Sisters of the Valley website.

Each of the Sisters’ products is made with hemp, which, unlike marijuana, contains little to no THC — the cannabinoid that gets you high. CBD has soared in popularity recently; it has been linked with reducing stress, alleviating anxiety, and easing chronic pain.

Vows of ‘SOLACE’

Sister Kate is the leader of the Sisters of the Valley | Sisters of the Valley

Similar to Catholic nuns, the CBD soap-slinging Sisters of the Valley take vows. Sister Kate — the leader of the sisterhood — explained to Ganjapreneur in a podcast interview, “we take six vows and they spell the acronym SOLACE, so service to the people, number one. Second is obedience to the cycles of the moon and the quarters of the year. We call them the corners of the year.”

“Living simply, activism, that’s spending some time every week and month involved in fighting for the marginalized or holding our politicians accountable, anything in that category,” she continued. “Chastity: our vow of chastity is about privatizing our sexuality for a number of reasons.”

The final vow is ecology, she added. Every January, the Sisterhood takes steps to become more sustainable, these include growing more food and recycling. “We’ve got a plastic crushing machine so we can take our plastic coconut bottles and turn them into bricks and maybe build a chapel out of it,” said Sister Kate. “I don’t know; we haven’t decided.”

She continued, “every January 1st, our whole New Year’s thing is all about another step towards living in better harmony with Mother Earth and less pollution and less footprint.”