Vegan Celeb Kevin Smith Pays Fan $200 for Veggie Grill Delivery While Waiting in Chicago Airport

Vegan Celeb Kevin Smith Pays Fan $200 for Veggie Grill Delivery While Waiting in Chicago Airport

Vegan filmmaker Kevin Smith’s love of Veggie Grill, a fast-casual chain that specializes in plant-based food, is real.

Earlier today, just five minutes past midnight, the “Clerks” creator took to Twitter to inquire about whether or not he could traverse the city to pick up a vegan meal from Veggie Grill and still make his flight.

“Flying back to Vancouver from St Louis in the a.m. I have 95 minute layover in Chicago – where there is a @VeggieGrill by The Loop,” Smith wrote“Do I risk missing my flight and try to make it from @fly2ohare to #VeggieGrill before my next flight or is that nuts? Thoughts from any Chicagoans?”

The general consensus of Windy City residents was, no. One follower unsuccessfully tagged the TSA in an attempt to make Smith’s Veggie Grill dreams a reality.

However, Smith wasn’t ready to give up. In a second post, he issued a challenge: “CHICAGO! I’m told my @VeggieGrill Run won’t work. The only way to make it happen is to have someone deliver the food to me at @fly2ohare! So – the VG at 204 North Wells opens at 10:30. My flight lands at 11. Any Chicagoans up for this? I’ll pay $200 and a photo (if you want one).”

Journalist Alex Smith (no relation to the filmmaker) answered the call for vegan fast-food. “Hey I’m not doing anything right now, I live by a different one and could use the money,” he replied. “Send me your order and I’ll put on pants.”

After a vegan meal delivery for the ages, Smith and Alex posed for the promised photo. Smith also posted a video in which he lauded Alex for bringing him his beloved Veggie Grill. “This is what a real hero looks like,” Smith said.“Not all heroes wear capes.”

This isn’t the first time that Smith, who adopted a vegan diet earlier this year following a major heart attack, has gone to great lengths for Veggie Grill. Last month, he drove for three hours from Vancouver to Seattle just to eat there. Later that month, he spotted actor Jeff Goldblum at his local Veggie Grill, and shared his sighting on Twitter. Following a visit to Veggie Grill’s new Boston restaurant, the multi-talented filmmaker requested that they open a location in his hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey. While there are no current plans to open in New Jersey, the chain is planning to open its first New York City location next spring in the Flatiron district.

Image Credit: Kevin Smith

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