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In a video titled Finding True Love! vegan celebrity Steve-O, best known for his risky antics on shows like “Jackass” shows off his lighter side, by feeding stray dogs and making one his life-long companion.

The star recently went to Peru to mountain climb for a TV series. And while he intended to find a street dog as a temporary companion for the trip – long story short, he got a lot more attached than he anticipated.

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On his first day, he bought some dog food and went around the streets feeding dogs. “None of them wanted anything to do with me. Until I met Wendy,” he said.

She was sleeping on the street and got up to eat the food he held out while being showered with compliments and affection. Steve-O said right away, they had a connection, but as he was filming a TV show and had to go into a building – he expected to never see his newfound canine friend again. Later that night upon heading out for dinner, ‘Wendy’ along with many other friendly dogs came to greet Steve-O.

“It was like she told the dogs that I was cool.”

Wendy followed Steve-O and his friends for over 20 minutes to his hotel, where he attempted to sneak her in, cradled in his arms. Hotel Management didn’t allow a dog to stay, but eventually relented to let Steve-O and a mate give the dog a bath. Being the kind-hearted guy he is, Steve-O decided to spend the night in a tent with the street dog, rather than resting in a hotel without the dog.

The very next day, Steve-O took this dog to the vet to be treated for worms and fleas, vaccinated and rescued her from a life on the streets. Wendy joined Steve-O and his crew for mountain adventures and the two have become very bonded. “I love this dog so much, she’s already got a flight to L.A”. Steve-O adds he intends to buy her a flight wherever he goes and take her everywhere for the rest of her life.

If you’re as heart warmed and inspired by Steve-O’s acts of kindness as we are, the stigma of feeding and helping homeless animals is on it’s way to dissolving.

Image Credit: Steve-O