Vegan Celeb Credits Plant-Based Diet For Even More Health Improvements

Vegan Celeb Credits Plant-Based Diet For Even More Health Improvements

Founding member of the Black-Eyed Peas and judge for “The Voice UK,” has seen a lot of improvements to his health since going vegan late last year.

Earlier this year, told Mirror that changing his eating habits (along with biking to work every day) led to him dropping 15 pounds. He also noted that his cholesterol levels had begun to drop as well. In a recent appearance on British talk show “Loose Women,” the musical artist revealed that he has since seen even more improvements to his health.

Before going vegan, the star told the “Loose Women” panel his daily energy levels were struggling. “My immune system was weak and I was eating whatever I could eat for energy,” he said, “my sleeping patterns were really off, I’d have two and half hours, wake up, go to work, have a nap.”

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But since making the change his lifestyle, reports that there have been many improvements. “My blood pressure and cholesterol came down without having to take medicine, my nasal drip has gone, both my nostrils are working – as I always had one nostril that didn’t work, No more nasal drip no more acid reflux.”

While a vegan diet is by no means a cure-all, many health experts note that it is one of the healthiest diets. The Physicians Committee of America (PCRM) notes that many common chronic health issues such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension can be linked to dietary habits. Eating more plant-based foods is considered to be one of the best ways to manage, reduce, or even reverse symptoms. Not only that, eating certain kinds of plant-based food can also help one get a better night’s sleep. isn’t the only celebrity to commit to eating vegan. Zac Efron revealed that he’s been eating a “purely vegan” and has also already reaped several health benefits. While not vegan, rapper Drake also surprised fans last week when he confessed that he no longer eats meat and Beyonce recently encouraged her 112 million followers on Instagram to take the vegan pledge for health in preparation for Coachella.


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