Vegan Celebrity Evanna Lynch Rocks Designer Apple Leather Kitten Heels

Vegan Celebrity Evanna Lynch Rocks Designer Apple Leather Kitten Heels

Vegan actor and activist, Evanna Lynch, is rocking the latest in vegan fashion — apple leather. The compassionate celebrity posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting a pair of Veerah bright blue point-toe heels, made with a plant leather that comes from the peels of apples.

“How beaut are these shoes from @veerahofficial made out of APPLES #appleshoes #veganshoes #whatwilltheythinkofnext,” wrote the star to accompany the post. Judging by her photo, the eye-catching heels certainly look like patent leather.

Veerah is one of the cutting-edge companies leading the way in sustainable fashion and plant-based leather. The New York City-based shoe and accessories brand is completely vegan and designed for high fashion and high function, meaning one can actually walk in its shoes, no Band-Aids required. The company claims that apple leather is more durable and breathable than animal-based leather, ensuring a high-quality product that will last throughout the seasons.

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Other companies are also implementing leather alternatives in their collections. Before apples, pineapple skin was — and still is — a trending textile. Made from discarded pineapple fibers, Piñatex has been used by a number of independent and corporate brands, including Hugo Boss, which came out with a line of men’s Piñatex sneakers in May. Several accessory and bag brands, such as HfS Collective, also use the material to create their timeless fashion pieces.

Lynch has a reputation for supporting cruelty-free companies as part of her vegan lifestyle. In June, she posted some Instagram praise for Delikate Rayne, a small fashion design business run by two vegan sisters. The actor wrote, “This isn’t a paid collaboration, I just believe it’s important to support independent, vegan designers who are changing the face of fashion and proving that you don’t need to exploit animals or compromise on ethics to enjoy fashion.”

The ethical actress also hosts a weekly podcast, The Chickpeeps, where she and her co-host interview vegan activists, leaders, and innovative companies. Miyoko’s Kitchen, Wicked Healthy, and Coco Caravan have all been featured to discuss their company’s plant-based mission.

Further, in just the past month, Lynch has advocated for vegan butterbeer at Universal Studios and participated in a Humane Society International video to speak against the dog and cat meat industries.