Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese and Mayo to Launch in Safeway, Vons, and Pak’n Save


California-based vegan cheese and mayo brand Follow Your Heart is expanding, with more products coming soon to Safeway, Vons, and Pak’n Save.

“We’re excited to announce that your summer just got more delicious,” the brand posted on its Instagram account. “Original #Vegenaise, #SoyFree Vegenaise, #Organic Garlic Aïoli, High Omega Vegan Bleu Cheese, American Slices, and Provolone Slices are now available [from] @safeway, @vons, and Pak’n Save stores in Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii.” 

The Follow Your Heart brand is growing consistently, with products available in not just the United States, but also in Canada, Germany, and Mexico. The company even partnered with major UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s back in October.

“This launch includes the finest vegan mayo product on this planet, Vegenaise,” said British vegan blogger Fat Gay Vegan. “This legendary plant-based mayo just celebrated its 40th anniversary.”

The secret to the brand’s success, co-founder Bob Goldberg believes, is the team’s passion, enthusiasm, and love for the company and its mission. “Our advice is our name,” he states on the Follow Your Heart website“Passion is absolutely at the center of success. And you can’t be passionate about something you don’t care deeply about. I think that’s why Follow Your Heart has had the measure of success that it’s had. Our objective was never to be a megastore, but a gem. Gems don’t have to be big to be really beautiful.”

Across the U.S., vegan brands are expanding their reach as sustainable and plant-based living becomes more and more popular with consumers. In the last three years, veganism has grown by six hundred percent in the country, and the trend for flexitarianism is consistently rising. Consumers are more aware of the negative effects that animal products can have on their health, the environment, and on the animals themselves. Further, one study has found that many consumers prefer the taste of vegan foods.

“Despite the fact that health attributes… factor strongly in consumer decisions when purchasing plant-based proteins, at the end of the day, taste is the driving force behind purchase and eating decisions,” said Billy Roberts, a senior food and drink analyst at global market research firm Mintel.

Image Credit: Follow Your Heart