Vegan Cheese Has Come So Far, We’re Eating It Raw Now

Photo shows Daiya vegan cheese blocks

Just like everyone else, we stand at our fridges snacking on cheese. But there’s something about pairing a good cheese with springy produce, fresh bread, or even an herbaceous garnish that can really make us sit back and say, whoa. When you find just the right match, it magically heightens plant-based cheese’s richest, most interesting flavors. Fruity balances rich, creamy balances tangy, and mild balances piquant, for a deep level of satisfaction that can only be found in cheese.

We’ll never give up classic flavor combos like cheddar and apples, or smoked gouda and apricot jam—we all need a quick fix for entertaining, or for when we just want a tried-and-true comfort food. But gourmet cheese lovers have been feasting on cheese and seasonal fruit together for centuries, and it’s time to innovate. 

When it’s snack time, we like to taste-test Daiya’s new plant-based cheeze blocks with everything but the kitchen sink. We’ll smear a spoonful of sweet chutney on cheddar, or heap earthy beets and smoked gouda on tangy rye bread. Then we close our eyes and just wait for it: that magic hits where the sweetness, tanginess and creaminess combine. The reason these Daiya blocks are so rich and smooth? A little miracle ingredient called oats. This wholesome grain adds the luscious bite and warmth on the palate that every turophile craves.

This fearless snacking is how we make each bite perfect. Medium Cheddar, Jalapeño Havarti, Monterey Jack, Smoked Gouda, and Classic Mozza—each taste tells a different story. This cheese awakens culinary memories in us, with rich historical traditions.

If you like your cheese as chill as can be, keep on cubing, slicing, and dicing (though we love to just tear off big hunks with our hands). Drizzle a crusty baguette with EVOO and tuck your cheesy hunks inside with some fresh arugula and a dab of pesto. But if cooking shows are your besties, and you need every bite to whisper ‘umami’ seductively in your ear, get ready to experiment. We got you.  

Mo’ cheddar, mo’ better

Flavor combos: cheddar and chutney

Daiya Medium Cheddar Style Ploughman's Sandwich
A hearty ploughman’s sandwich bursting with savory, hearty hunks of Daiya Medium Cheddar cheeze pleases any picnicgoer. | Aimee Gauthier

We love this rich, rustic cheddar that’s easy like Sunday morning. A flavorful, ready-to-please cheese that you can eat straight out of the package, Daiya’s Medium Cheddar pairs nicely with slices of Honeycrisp apples or red Anjou pears, served up on fig jam-slathered crackers or toast. But to get your creative juices flowing, we’ve taken a page out of a classic English ploughman’s lunch to create an appealing sandwich that will power you through your day. Start by lathering chutney and vegan butter on thick bread, then add sumptuous slices of Daiya cheddar, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a bit of crispy, fresh lettuce. Serve whole or slice into quarters for tea sandwiches, and pair with a side of cornichons or pickles and crispy kettle chips. If you’re feeling those country gastropub vibes, have this rustic sandwich with a pastoral English ale or a fresh, classic Pimm’s Cup.

Swap it like it’s hot

Flavor combos: havarti, fruit, and spice

Daiya Jalapeño Havarti Cheeze Skewers
Skewer the freshest fruits and Daiya Jalapeño Havarti cheese for a vibrant, colorful rainbow treat. | Aimee Gauthier

Havarti is one of our favorite cheeses. Buttery and balanced, it’s a winning combination when married with spicy chili flavors in Daiya’s new Jalapeño Havarti cheeze. If there’s anything this Jalapeño Havarti makes us crave, it’s backyard shindigs. For this kebab, grab some skewers and spear fresh fruit and Jalapeño Havarti cubes. Go with the sweetness of your local seasonal fruit, whether that’s the bright, refreshing taste of pineapple, the sugary sunshine of watermelon, the dulcet tones of fuzzy peaches, slightly tart strawberries, cotton candy grapes, or bountiful citrus—havarti loves them all, and jalapeño adds the spice!

It’s all gouda

Flavor combos: gouda, beets, and rye

Daiya Smoked Gouda Style Smørrebrød
Layer Daiya Smoked Gouda cheeze on an open-faced smørrebrød; then, add pretty flowers, sprouts and radishes. | Aimee Gauthier

Smoked Gouda is agreeably sweet and slightly nutty while maintaining just enough assertive flavor, which makes it the perfect complement in rich, hearty dishes like vegan mac n cheese, vegan meat roasts, potato casseroles, and even pizza. But did you know that smoked gouda makes a knock-your-socks-off smørrebrød? The versatile Danish-Norwegian toast is a classic that should be in your repertoire, if it’s not already. Here’s the secret to its popularity: its dense rye toast base starts you off healthy, and the rest of the ingredients let you be as indulgent as you’d like. Topping your toast isn’t just an easy way to make a meal—it’s also the best way to show off the bountiful colors of spring produce coming your way.

Get jacked

Flavor combos: Monterey jack, radishes, red pepper, and chili crisp

Daiya Monterey Jack Style Lettuce Cups
Lettuce cups are an easy, delicious, gluten-free way to entertain with Daiya Monterey Jack plant-based cheeze blocks. | Aimee Gauthier

Buttery-smooth and tangy-sweet, Monterey Jack is that meal helper you love—it basically goes on everything. While you might be tempted to automatically melt this cheese for topping a burger or sprinkling on tacos or nachos, it’s easy to eat straight out of the fridge for snack time. Fill a crispy gem lettuce cup with hummus, then add some roasted red bell pepper and seasonal watermelon radishes, and shred some Daiya Monterey Jack right over the top. Drizzle your Monterey Jack cups with halos of fragrant chili oil and top with crunchy chili crisp and toasted pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds. And done! You’ve got a dozen mini masterpieces perfect for entertaining company or streaming your favorite show.