Iconic Vegan Cheese Company Announces 3 New Cream Cheese Flavors

After the recent announcement by vegan dairy-style cheese brand Miyoko’s Kitchen that it’s releasing a Philadelphia-style cream cheese and upscaling production – the plant-based company has shared a sneak-peek of the three new flavors coming to its lineup.

Miyoko’s captioned a drool-worthy snap with a description of each flavor, which also boasts the company’s new packaging.

Plainly Classic: “Creamy luscious bagel spreads and cheesecake here we come! This Philadelphia-style cream cheese is thick, creamy and perfect in a savory or sweet application. Did someone say cheesecake?”

Un-Lox Your Dreams: “The perfect Lox schmear for your bagel. It’s smoky, rich, creamy, and well, a bit “seafood-y” without the fish.”

Sensational Scallion: “Thick luscious cream cheese studded with scallions is the ultimate savory bagel or sandwich spread. Take a vegetable appetizer plate to the next level with this cream cheese as a dip!”

With a record number of people pledging to go vegan for the month of January this year, Miyoko’s once again, bring the cream to crackers; proving how vegans really do eat the good life. A launch date has yet to be confirmed, but Miyoko’s assures you can get your hands (and taste buds) on this cheese yourself early this year.

Not only are Miyoko’s cream cheese vegan-friendly, they are organic and contain no added oil. Not to mention being strides healthier than dairy-based cheese (no cholesterol or cruelty here).

So go on – get your bread of choice ready to enjoy!


Image Credit: Miyoko’s