Vegan Cheeseboard Platters Arrive at Sainsbury’s Nationwide

This year, Sainsbury’s have upped their vegan game dramatically.

Not only do they stock their own range of vegan cheeses, which they added to back in September, they also offer vegan pizzas from White Rabbit, Violife cheeses, Booja Booja truffles and their own range of vegan chocolate.

Now, just in time for Christmas, Sainsbury’s and Violife have come together to bring the good people of the UK a Dairy Free Platter, with three different types of vegan cheese: Blu, After Dinner and Mature.

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The cheeseboard costs just £5.50 in Sainsbury’s or is available online at Ocado for £5.99.

This new product is huge news for vegans worried about missing out on Christmas day traditions.

If three blocks of cheese aren’t enough for you, you can always top up your platter with other varieties of vegan cheese offered by Sainsbury’s which include Greek Style, Wensleydale-Style with Cranberry, Garlic and Herb Soft Cheese and Cheddar Style.

So grab a knife and an entire packet of crackers, (did you know Jacob’s Cream Crackers and Ritz Crackers are both accidentally vegan?), and fill the belly hiding under your new ugly Christmas jumper with some festive deliciousness just like every other year, but 100% vegan.

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