The Best Vegan Christmas Food in the UK Right Now

23 Vegan Christmas Food Items In the UK Right Now

For the last few years, Christmas has seen the launch of countless new vegan and plant-based products in the UK. But for 2020, supermarkets and brands are taking it to the next level.

Asda is launching more than 50 new meat-free products in time for the holiday season, including a plant-based “turkey” roasting joint. Both Tesco and Aldi are also launching vegan turkey roasts, while Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, and Asda each have their own version of a wellington — traditionally pastry-wrapped beef.

Demand for plant-based food is growing year-on-year, and at the start of 2020 more than 20 million Brits — almost 40 percent of meat-eaters — announced their intention to cut back on meat products. Market research firm Mintel reported that the overall sales of meat-free options grew by 40 percent between 2014 and 2019. And by 2019, more than 65 percent of all Brits had already tried meat-free foods, an increase of 50 percent from 2017.

According to Tesco’s annual Christmas report, the popularity of turkey is now down by 12 percent. Seven percent of all Brits will choose a vegetarian or vegan centerpiece in 2020, more than roast beef (6 percent) or lamb (4 percent). The supermarket also reports that 10 percent of all women plan to eschew meat this Christmas, compared to 5 percent of men.

If you are one of the people going meat-free this holiday season — or perhaps you’re cooking for someone else who is — here are some of the most talked-about Christmas releases of 2020.


Budget supermarket Aldi has launched a wide variety of new products this year. Highlights include The Vegan Hamper, which is an online exclusive. It costs £29.99 and combines some of Aldi’s favorite sweet treats and alcohol, including chocolate chip cookies, strawberry gummies, earl grey tea bags, truffles, and a Christmas pudding. Perfect for a holiday season spent at home — or to order for a loved one you might not be able to visit in person.

  1. Vegan Hamper
  2. No-Turkey Roast
  3. Fusion Skewers
  4. Cauliflower Pumpkin and Chilli Bites
  5. Duck and Hoisin Spring Rolls
  6. Pigs in Blankets
  7. Cocktail Sausages
  8. Luxury Stuffing Balls
  9. Belgian Chocolate & Orange Melt in the Middle Pudding
  10. Festive Feast Sandwich
  11. Specially Selected Chestnut and Squash Wreath
  12. Butternut Squash & Chickpea Parcels
  13. Vegetable & Cranberry Bake


Asda’s 48 Christmas additions include a wide variety of vegan party food, sides, mains, and desserts, including the much-discussed vegan turkey roasting joint. This year also saw the supermarket launch dedicated vegan aisles and launched new plant-based throughout 2020.

“Christmas is always the most anticipated time of the year,” said Jo Johnson, Asda’s Senior Manager for Own Brand Innovations, in a statement. She added that Christmas could help “bring together loved ones from up and down the country” and “make up for any lost time,” if it is safe to do so.

14. Vegan Turkey Roasting Joint
15.Extra Special Stuffing Balls
16. Savory Yule Log
17. Extra Special Chocolate Cherry Cottage
18. Frozen Party Bundle
19. Cauliflower Sheeze Wellington
20. Vegan Steak Pie
21. Christmas Pudding
22. Extra Special Raspberry Torte
23. Free From Mince Pies
24. “Regular” Mince Pies
25. Frozen Christmas Dessert Bundle
26. Applewood Smoky Cheese
27. Avo-Shaped Chocolate Cake


The last two years have seen a variety of new and expanded product ranges available at Lidl. The budget supermarket’s Gosh! bites, a trio of affordable plant milks, and a rotating array of “accidentally vegan” brand name chocolates, cookies, and other treats, have set the precedent for Christmas 2020. The supermarket recently announced the launch of a Vegan Festive Feast sandwich — complete with plant-based turkey and cranberry sauce — as well as a mushroom, squash, and cranberry wellington.

28. Vegan Festive Feast
29. Deluxe Mushroom Wellington
30. Vegan Nut Roasts With Gravy
31. Artisan Grains Nut Roast
32. Woodgate Mulled Cider
33. Apricot, Orange, and Cranberry Stuffing
34. Premium Sorbet

The Best Vegan Christmas Food in the UK Right Now
Tesco’s Finest Vegan Christmas Dinner for Two includes the No Beef Wellington. | Tesco.


In June, Tesco expanded the Plant Chef and Wicked Kitchen ranges with 15 new meat-free products. As of the launch, the supermarket chain now has over 100 distinct, own-brand, vegan food options. In the run-up to Christmas, Tesco announced a new vegan turkey crown. The plant-based centerpiece combines wheat protein, sage and onion stuffing, and a garlic melt. A variety of festive starters, snacks, desserts, and other mains are also available.

35. No Turkey Roasting Crown
36. Meat Free Roasting Crown
37. Complete Vegan Christmas Dinner (for two)
38. Chocolate Orange Pretzels
39. No-Meat Pies
40. Meat-Free Chipolatas
41. BBQ Jackfruit Bon Bons
42. Sweet Potato and Cabbage Christmas Log
43. Stuffed Half Butternut Squash
44. Squash and Mushroom Wreath
45. Bubble and Squeak Bites
46. Plant Chef Mince Pies
47. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Sainsbury’s has also launched a complete range of festive food, from vegan meat-based mains to traditional desserts. Particular highlights include the Plant Pioneers Turkey Parcels, No Beef Wellington, and the Mushroom and Chestnut roast. Though there are even some slightly questionable Christmas-themed spins on breakfast cereal, like mince pie…

“We’ve worked hard this year to ensure we’ve got an extra special offering for every lifestyle. We saw a 54% increase in customers buying meat-free Christmas products last year,” said Claire Hughes, the Head of Quality & Innovation. “And we haven’t stopped there; we know more than ever our customers are searching for newness and innovation within the vegan space.”

48. No beef Wellington
49. Vegan Trimmings
50. Cauliflower Bake
51. BBQ No-Pork Belly Bites
52. Asian Vegetable Selection
53. No-Turkey Parcels
54. Three Nut and Mushroom Roast
55. Roast Gravy
56. Vegan Marshmallows
57. Oggs Luxury Mince Pies
58. Vegan Chocolate and Salted Caramel Star
59. Cranberry & Orange Tiffin Bites 
60. Gingerbread Flavored Porridge
61. Mince Pie Cereal
62. Nomo Advent Calendar

The Best Vegan Christmas Food in the UK Right Now
Morrisons have launched a variety of new vegan Christmas items this year. | Morrisons.


Morrisons has also launched enough vegan products to create a complete Christmas meal. Particular highlights include another spin on a meat-free beef wellington, plant-based pigs in blankets, and even a dairy-free strawberry trifle.

63. Best Beefless Wellington
64. Creamy Mushroom Wellington
65. Vegetable Tempura Nests With Chilli Dip
66. No-Duck Spring Rolls
67. No Pigs in Blankets
68. Christmas Star Tarte
69. Two-Layered Vegetable Tarts
70. Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Parcels
71. Vegetable Spring Rolls
72. Vegan Trifle
73. Vegan Lemon Shimmering Semifreddo
74. Morrisons Festive Feast sandwich
75. Morrisons Maple Crumble Mince Pies
76. Gingerbread Doughnuts

The Co-Op

The vegan Gro range, which Co-Op debuted earlier this year, now includes festive products coming to stores soon. The new offerings include finger and party foods, sides, and a hearty main in the form of Roots en Croute. The Co-Op has also added a vegan Turkey Feast sandwich, available as part of the store’s meal deal with Chocolate Orange Rocky Road.

“It can be hard to cater for everyone during this busy period,” said Breige Donaghy, the Director of Delicious Food at Co-op. “So we have looked at creating plenty of vegan and free from alternatives to Britons’ favorite Christmas foods.”

77. Roots en Croute
78. Turkey Feast Sandwich
79. Chocolate Orange Rocky Road
80. No Duck Spring Rolls
81. Vegan Pigs in Blankets
82. Cauliflower Popcorn
83. Higgidy Miso Mushroom Vegan Rolls
84. Indian Sharing Selection
85. Asian Sharing Selection
86. Sticky Toffee Puddings

The Best Vegan Christmas Food in the UK Right Now
These Christmas Beet Wellingtons combine pastry, mushroom, and rich beetroot. | Waitrose.


This year, Waitrose has launched a variety of festive, plant-based meat products, including seitan slicers, pigs in blankets, and cocktail sausages. Ocado — Waitrose’s online-only retail partner — stocks many of the Christmas products listed below. The online supermarket also stocks frozen vegan pizzas from One Planet Pizza, including the Tofurky Crustmas Feast.

87. Vegan Nut Roast
88. Four Nut Roast Bake
89. Crisp-Crumbed Seitan Slices
90. Pieminster’s “Kevin”
91. Vegan Festive Wreath
92. No Pigs in Blankets
93. Vegan Party Pack
94. Festive Filo Swirls
95. Lincolnshire-style Rolls
96. Moroccan-Inspired Vegetable Tart
97. Waitrose Christmas Beet Wellingtons
98. Cocktail Sausages
99. Oggs Chocolate Celebration Cake
100. Cookies and Cream Slices

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