17 Vegan-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

The holiday season is upon us. It’s the time of year when shops are busier, your wallet feels lighter, and your bank account gets harder to look at. Aside from the stress, gift giving can feel great. It’s a kind way to show others you care about them and to spread the Christmas joy.

For the little ones in your life, receiving a present can light up their face and make their day. If you’re after a vegan-friendly, child-friendly gift this festive season, check out these 17 ideas for all budgets.

17 Vegan-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Stuffed Animal Toy

Vegan or not, kids are often animal lovers. A toy of their favorite animal is a thoughtful and personal gift that they may treasure for years to come. Good examples include plush dog, tiger, or monkey toys or, of course, the old faithful teddy bear.

2. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a unique way for a child to express themselves. They are budget-friendly and come in a wide range of designs so that you can choose the perfect fit for your loved one. 

Check out these Christmas-themed, animal-themed, and vegan-themed temporary tattoos.

3. Nail Polish

Do you have a young fashionista in your life? Karma Organic makes cruelty-free, organic nail polish for children in more than 100 shades. And Kid Licks, “the world’s only nail polish with 100% edible ingredients,” uses fruits, vegetables, and other plants to make its washable, cruelty-free, and non-GMO polishes. For younger children, you might want to lend a hand when applying the polish in case it turns into hand, arm, and face paint!

4. Vegan Edible Chalk

This chalk is organic, vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free. It is safe enough to eat, but not recommended as a food item. Perfect for creative kids, or younger children who have a habit of putting their hands in their mouths.

5. The Rescue Princesses Book

When animals are in danger, The Rescue Princesses are ready to fight for their safety. With expert martial arts skills and magic jewels, these princess heroes will inspire the young adventurer within.

See the series here.

6. Stickers

This simple gift is great for crafts, decorating school supplies, or sprucing up other belongings. Tune in to the child’s interests to find the design that’s right from them. You can find stickers of almost anything online, from cars and animals  to catch phrases and vegan-themed designs.

7. Captain V Vegan Bracelet

A creative way to remind others of your child’s dietary needs. It even helps some kids to remember to check the ingredients of food.

You can buy the bracelet and the vegan charm online.

8. Fur and Feathers Board Game

This board game can open minds about how our everyday choices impact the lives of animals. It features 50 facts about animals, making it educational as well as fun, and is a great way to entertain kids on a rainy day.

The Fur & Feathers board game can be found here.

9. Help Yourself Cookbook

This colorful, comedic cookbook aims to get kids involved in food prep with 60 plant-based recipes. Packed with cute animal characters and fun facts, “The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids” empowers children to “take charge of their own nutrition – for now and for life!”

Check it out here.

10. Visit an Animal Sanctuary

Treat the giftee with a trip to a local animal sanctuary to meet the animals themselves. It’s an experience they will never forget – and it makes for some pretty cool show and tell news at school!

11. Finger Paints

Finger painting can help develop fine motor skills, integrating many of the senses to help children learn about colors, shapes, and self-expression. Just prepare for things to get messy!

Coming in a variety of colors, these finger paints are vegan, non-toxic, and safe for kids. See them here.

12. Crayon Rocks

They’re crayons, but different! These unique toys come in 32 colors and are free from animal products. They are designed to stimulate creativity, imagination, and to improve motor coordination.

Find them here.

13. Santa’s First Vegan Christmas Book

This Christmas, share with a child a story of love and compassion. “Santa’s First Vegan Christmas” tells the story of Dana, a reindeer living in the Arctic, who speaks to Santa about how we can all be more kind toward animals.

You can find this book online.

14. Cooking Accessories

Help kids get creative in the kitchen with these fun cooking trays. They can be used in baking or to make ice cubes, jelly, or gummy bears.

Check some out online by clicking here.

15. V Is for Vegan Book

Created for three to seven-year-olds, “V Is for Vegan” introduces children to the ABCs of compassionate living. Author and illustrator Ruby Roth navigates the challenging topic of animal rights and vegan nutrition with insight and humor in a simple, understandable manner.

Find this product here.

16. Coloring Books

In the modern world, coloring and drawing is a great way to engage children in activities away from screens. Consider artwork that connects with their individual interests – like dinosaurs, trains, or space – or pick up a festive-themed coloring book to help them celebrate Christmas.

17. “Adopt” an Animal

“Adopting” an animal on behalf of your giftee may be a great gift for an older child. These sponsorships usually come with information and frequent updates on your chosen animal. You can adopt an emperor penguin chick, an elephant, a bear, a meerkat or a tiger, among many others, with the money going toward the rehabilitation and support of animals. You could also purchase a stuffed toy of the chosen animal to give to the recipient on Christmas Day.

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