Vegan Christmas Pudding Vaginas Are Real and You Need One

In need of some inspiration for this year’s secret Santa? How about a vegan fudge vagina? Bet that’s a sentence you thought you’d never read.

Fudgeina — a brand specializing in vegan fudge vulvas — has launched a new festive product this year, ideal for when you’re stuck on what novelty gift to get your work bestie.

You can opt for a plain chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry fudge Fudgeina, or a Christmas Pudding Fudgeina. The latter also comes with its very own Vajazzle Set, so you can customize it as you please.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” says Fudgeina on its website. “What better way to show love (or hate) this Christmas than with a Christmas Plum Pudding Fudgeina!”

According to Fudgeina, the vegan vulva consists of dark chocolate with “juicy plum flavoring.” The brand told LIVEKINDLY, “we wanted to combine what means the most to us at Christmas: fun and food!”

“It’s definitely a memorable present,” it continued. “And as it’s vegan it can be enjoyed by everyone! We think it’s the perfect secret Santa gift, too.”

The vegan Fudgeinas are also available in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors. | Fudgeina

 Vegan Secret Santa for Those on Your ‘Naughty List’

Not into fudge? How about a festive chocolate penis? Dick At Your Door — a brand specializing in vegan chocolate penises — has launched a new festive option for the holidays called “Christmas Cock.” Yes. This is true.

“A lump of coal in your stocking is old news,” says Dick at Your Door. “Let those who landed on your naughty list know how you really feel this holiday season with Dick At Your Door’s chocolate penis prank.”

Want to remain anonymous? Don’t worry, that’s an option too. You can send the chocolate penis in the mail without any repercussions.

“What is better than sending an anonymous chocolate dick to someone in the mail?” says the brand. “There is something really special about knowing you have given something confusing with no hope of figuring out who the culprit is. That’s a special kind of torture.”

But, arguably, the best part of this gift is getting to see the look on your mate’s face when they open it.

The Christmas Pudding Fudgeina costs £11.99 and is available to order here. Dick At Your Door’s Christmas offering costs $24.99 and is available to order here.