3 New Vegan Christmas Sandwiches Just Launched at Boots

3 New Vegan Christmas Sandwiches Just Launched at Boots

There are now even more vegan food options at Boots. The UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer introduced three vegan Christmas sandwiches.

The Vegan Christmas Feast sandwich contains red cabbage, fried onions, egg-free mayonnaise, and a roast vegetable stuffing. The Vegan Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese variety features smooth dairy-free cream cheese and seasoned smokey carrot strips.

Boots’ Vegan Christmas Market sandwich is packed with plant-based sausage, fried onions, mustard, cabbage, onion chutney, and vegan mayonnaise.

3 New Vegan Christmas Sandwiches Just Launched at Boots
Boots just launched three vegan Christmas sandwiches.

Vegan at Boots

Up to 91 percent of Brits have “flexitarian” eating habits, referring to those who eat meat but make an active effort to consume more vegan and vegetarian food. Meanwhile, more than 3.5 million people in the UK follow a plant-based diet, Boots said earlier this year.

The chain is keen to keep up with demand. In January, Boots launched a Vegan All Day Breakfast Sandwich. The item included Cumberland-style meat-free sausage, scrambled turmeric tofu, tomato sauce, and soft tomato bread. A Veggie BLT sandwich also joined the ranks. It came with vine-ripened tomatoes, vegan mayonnaise, lettuce, and smoky maple syrup-flavored roasted carrot in place of bacon.

There is no denying that veganism has taken the UK by storm, and with more vegan friendly options available in shops, cafes and restaurants it’s easier than ever to get involved in things like Veganuary,” Boots UK Vitamins Expert Parminder Kaur said in a statement at the time.

Plant-based food isn’t the only way Boots is getting involved in the vegan movement. The chain also stocks cruelty-free beauty items. Isle of Paradise’s organic vegan tanner became available at Boots last year. This year, Boots began selling products by cruelty-free beauty brand The Ordinary.

Vegan Christmas Food

Other companies are also getting into the spirit of the festive season. Most of the UK’s major supermarkets have announced their Christmas options for this year, which include multiple vegan items. Aldi UK’s holiday range includes vegan duck, Sainsbury’s has vegan mushroom sausages wrapped in plant-based bacon, and Asda’s boasts a plant-based gold chocolate dessert.

The new vegan Christmas sandwiches are available now at Boots for £3. They are available as part of Boots’ meal deal.