Vegan Cocoa Puffs Cereal Now at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Will Make You Cuckoo for Vegan Cocoa Puffs

U.S. grocery chain Trader Joe’s has added yet another new vegan product to its shelves. According to The Impulsive Buy, new gluten-free vegan-friendly Cocoa Crunch cereal was recently spotted in stores. It was also spotted by the Instagram account Trader Hoes Aficionado.

A close-up of the ingredients reveals zero animal products were used to make the new crunchy chocolate-flavored cereal, which is rice and sorghum-based.

“Someone is going to go cuckoo over this,” said the shopping and food news website. “And that someone is General Mills and, probably, sorghum eaters.”

Trader Joe’s offers a number of plant-based options; in January, it launched vegan-friendly Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups similar to the popular peanut version made by Reese’s Pieces, and in early February customers spotted watermelon jerky in some stores.

Other vegan options from the chain include Lightlife Chicken Tenders, Almond, Cashew, and Macadamia own-brand dairy-free milk, and cream cheese by Miyoko’s.

Americans Seek Out More Vegan Products

U.S. shoppers are seeking out more vegan-friendly products. According to a recent study, nearly 114 million Americans are planning to eat more plant-based foods this year, primarily for their health, but also for ethical and environmental reasons.

Another survey conducted in January revealed that nearly half of Americans regularly purchase dairy-free milk and nearly 80 percent of U.S. millennials eat vegan meat all the time.

In December, DuPont Nutrition and Health conducted a study with Healthfocus International on U.S. eating habits. It concluded that 52 percent of consumers were seeking out meat and dairy-free options when shopping.

“There is a seismic shift occurring in eating habits globally, creating a significant market opportunity,” said Greg Paul, the marketing leader for the beverage industry at DuPont.

More Plant-Based Cereals Arrive on the Market

Trader Joes’ Cocoa Crunch cereal joins a number of new vegan-friendly cereal products, as major brands seize the opportunity to cash in on the new demand for plant-based foods.

Kellogg’s recently launched a vegan vegetable-based cereal, and Nestlé is also aware of the pull of plant-based products, adding a huge vegan logo to its Shreddies boxes at the end of 2018. Even Sour Patch Kids are getting involved, announcing the launch of a new vegan-friendly cereal in Walmart in December last year.

Make Your Own?

For the purist, making your own cocoa puffs style cereal is feasible as well. Instagrammer Sarah’s Dolce Vita recipe can be made with five ingredients — including a vegan egg — to get that crispy, chocolatey crunch.

image credits: sarahsdolcevita/traderjoesaficionado