Serve These Vegan Coconut Tarts With Clementine Sorbet

Serve These Vegan Coconut Tarts With Clementine Sorbet

If you are looking for a perfect ending to a perfect dinner, take a look at this sexy+wicked healthy dessert!

These tartlet shells are delicious and easy to make, using coconut and macadamia nuts in the base.

The rich and creamy qualities of these ingredients create the perfect vehicle to hold this refreshing and lightly tart clementine sorbet. If you can’t find clementines, feel free to use tangerines or satsumas if you’d like!

Each bite provides a nice balance of rich, sweet and tart, while the lavender syrup pulls everything together with a light sweetness and delicate, floral quality.

To make the syrup, you’re going to reduce all of the components by half. To get a thicker end result, drop a spoon into the mixture once reduced and run your finger down the back of it. If it separates easily, it’s ready to be chilled and reserved for serving!

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This recipe was republished with permission from Wicked Healthy.