Vegan Company ‘Toats’ Launches Dairy-Free ‘American’ Oat Milk

Vegan Colorado-Based Company ‘Toats’ Launches Dairy-Free ‘American’ Oat Milk

A new vegan oat milk company called Toats has launched in select stores. The Colorado-based brand makes its dairy-free beverage from just four ingredients: organic, gluten-free American oats, water, dates, and vanilla.

“Oats are a cover crop, they are easy to grow,” states the website. “Data shows that Oat Milk is the one of the most environmentally friendly dairy alternative milk beverages. Not to toot our own horn but we love the way Toats tastes too.”

Based in the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Toats uses locally-sourced Colorado oats and organic sweeteners and makes every batch by hand. Like the plant-based milk made by former dairy producer Elmhurst, it is free from gums and emulsifiers. According to the company, the vegan oat milk is ideal for use in coffee, frothy lattes, and smoothies.

Is Oat Milk the New Almond Milk?

Almond milk has long held the title of America’s favorite non-dairy beverage, accounting for 64 percent of the market. But oat milk’s popularity with consumers has soared since Swedish brand Oatly launched in the U.S. market in 2016. Last year, reports of grocery store shortages and price scalping peppered the news.

Keen on capitalizing on the nation’s love for the new vegan milk, established American brands such as Danone-owned Silk, Quaker, Califia Farms, and Nestlé’s Coffee-Mate have all announced launches. Canadian brand Happy Planet and Planet Oat made by the $2 billion milk company HP Hood LLC, best known as “Hood” in the dairy aisle, also aim to capture consumer interests in oat milk.

What Makes Vegan Milk Appealing?

Plant-based milk accounts for 15 percent of total fluid milk sales in the U.S., according to data from the Plant Based Food Association.

Last year, the vegan milk market was up 9 percent while dairy milk sales fell 6 percent. Researchers speculate that concern over heart disease and breast cancer may further drive sales of dairy-free milk, which is naturally cholesterol-free. Dairy’s sustainability may be another factor in driving sales. Regardless of diet, 50 percent of American consumers regularly purchase vegan milk.

Toats is currently available in select Colorado groceries. The company plans to launch online orders soon.

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