New Business Delivers Vegan Comfort Food Across the UK

New family-run business Vegan Delicatessen offers home-cooked vegan comfort food and is delivered to your door the very next day.

Vegan Delicatessen was launched in the UK after owners Lisa and Matt posted on a vegan Facebook group and received 90 pre-orders. They opened for business the very next week.

The new menu includes mouth-watering choices such as barbecue seitan ribs, breaded mozzarella sticks, pulled pork jackfruit, brownies and southern fried spicy ‘better than chicken’ burgers.

Their food is “100% vegan, 100% delicious”. The company also offer a ‘bumper box’ where you can taste-test a variety of options.

Owner Lisa told LIVEKINDLY that their “driving force is to make food so delicious that it helps to make it easy for people to turn vegan”.

The owners themselves have been vegan for 6 months.

On their website, Lisa and Matt explain that while delivery costs them £11, they only charge £6.95. Meals are delivered to chilled across the UK. If you live in Cornwall, you can select a free pickup from their store in Newquay.

On top of this, the family are shortly opening a vegan takeaway shop specialising in hot meals including vegan doner kebabs and burgers. This business will offer delivery 6 evenings per week to Cornwall surrounds.

Lisa tells LIVEKINDLY, “We absolutely love running it and our customers are just so lovely and positive”

“We are very new to it all but extremely passionate”.

Image credit: Vegan Delicatessen