Dr. Michael Greger Releases Vegan Cookbook to Help You Stay Alive

Dr. Michael Greger, nutrition expert and author of ‘How Not to Die’ will release a cookbook this December full of plant-based recipes that will keep you healthy and alive for longer.

His first book, ‘How Not to Die’ brought together his knowledge around nutrition, and the impact certain foods have on the human body. Dr. Greger advocates for a vegan diet, as well as encouraging people to use oil sparingly (if at all) and to focus on foods that positively impact the human body.

how not to die book

Dr. Greger has conducted extensive research into the effects of animal products on health. For example, Greger is a firm believer that diabetes is not caused simply by sugar, but in fact is a result of too much fat in your diet. Evidence for this dates back over 100 years.

ust, every recipe in The How Not to Die Cookbook offers a delectable, easy-to-prepare, plant-based dish to help anyone eat their way to better health,’ claims the blurb.

No doubt the cookbook will be a great addition to the kitchens of people across the world who hope to start the new year with a health kick. Thankfully, Dr. Greger’s book will contain recipes that will contribute to a sustainable lifestyle change as opposed to a short-term ‘diet.’

Due to be released on 5th December this year, the cookbook is already available for pre-order on Amazon for those who wish to bag a copy now.

Image credit: Plant-Based Doctors