Vegan Cookery School Helping People in Need Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

An initiative to encourage plant-based eating is asking for your help to secure its existence for the next 5 years.

Made in Hackney is ‘an award winning eco-community kitchen and cookery school’ based in London that gives people the tools and skills they need to cook delicious, plant-based food that is good for themselves and good for the planet. Not only is everything they make completely vegan, they also aim to cook with local, seasonal and organic produce.

Since its inception 5 years ago, the cookery school has received a great deal of media attention for the good work it does, being praised by the likes of Vogue and the Observer.

Made in Hackney offer their classes to people who really need it. Whether that’s low-income families, people with health problems, people with learning difficulties or young people who are leaving care and need to learn how to cook for themselves.

Founder of Made in Hackney, Sarah Bentley says ‘Everyone knows we need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, sugar and meat – but most people don’t know where to start…That’s where we come in.’

The cookery school have chosen World Food Day to launch their crowdfunding campaign which they hope will allow them to keep the school alive. Overall, they are hoping to raise £85,000 to sustain them for the next 5 years.

During the next 5 years, they would be able to help 10,000 people ‘to lead healthier, happier lives.’

You can donate to their campaign here to keep this amazing initiative going.

Image credit: Cleveland Aaron shot on an Olympus OMD | Patricia Niven | Kate Beatty