Vegan Coronation Chickpea Sandwiches Launch at Spar Supermarket
Spar now offers a range of vegan lunch options | image/vicsta_the_vegan | Wikimedia
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Updated April 18, 2019. Spar supermarkets have launched a new range of vegan-friendly grab-and-go sandwiches and wraps across the UK.

The range includes “Beet It,” which consists of hummus and char-grilled vegetables with sweet chili sauce and rocket in a beetroot and chia seed wrap. The “Royal Spice” sandwich features “coronation chickpeas” made with vegan mayonnaise, Bombay potatoes, mango chutney, and spinach.

The “Jala-Bean-O” was also recently spotted, the wrap contains mixed beans, sweetcorn, and guacamole, jalapenos, and salsa.

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The new products were developed by James Hall & Co., distributor and wholesaler for Spar. Sales and marketing director, Peter Dodding, said in a statement: “These sandwiches and wraps have been developed to meet the ever-growing demand for plant-based, food-to-go dining options and we are excited to see how the range develops over the coming year.”

Hall said the new vegan sandwiches were specially designed to include popular flavours from across the globe to appeal to today’s customers. Each product can be purchased as part of Spar’s meal deal which includes a main, snack and drink for £3.50.

James Hall has also extended its vegan-friendly range by offering Japanese wholesaler Tanpopo’s selection of vegan dishes including Vege Gyoza Dippers, Edamame Pots and Bamboo & Mushroom Ramen.

The Rise of Veganism in the UK

Spar, the world’s largest food retailer, is not alone in making plant-based options more readily available. The UK is now a world leader in vegan product launches, according to data from Mintel. Last year, one in six new product launches were plant-based. 

The Mintel report also revealed that 34 percent of Brits are taking a flexitarian approach to meat consumption, many of whom are concerned about factory farming’s environmental impact. Last month, it was revealed that a record-breaking 250,000 individuals signed on to Veganuary.

Much of the increase was attributed to own-brand supermarket launches in major chains such as Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. According to Sainsbury’s, vegan product sales increased 65 percent over the past year.

In addition to increasing vegan options, many supermarkets have adopted clear vegan labeling through animal rights charity Animal Aid’s #MarkItVegan campaign. The initiative, which aims to make shopping for plant-based products easier for consumers, has been adopted by chains throughout the UK, including Iceland, Aldi, Tesco, Waitrose, and Morrisons.

Vegan Grab-and-Go Sandwiches Now at Spar Supermarkets
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Vegan Grab-and-Go Sandwiches Now at Spar Supermarkets
Plant-based lunches just got easier as Spar Supermarkets has launched two new vegan sandwiches - a chickpea coronation and a beet wrap.
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