Crispy and Spicy Japanese Vegan Tofu Sushi Bowls With Tempura and Veggies

Crispy and Spicy Japanese Vegan Tofu Sushi Bowls With Tempura and Veggies

These crispy and spicy sushi bowls are packed with all the good stuff we love in sushi—crispy asparagus, spicy sriracha mayo, lightly pickled fresh veggies, and cool creamy avocado. This combination is SO unbelievably good, you won’t feel deprived. (Honestly, this sushi bowl tastes as good as it looks!)

There are hardly words to describe how much I love sushi. When my son, Zach, and I go on a ‘foodie adventure,’ we almost always end up at a sushi place. He orders Spider and Dragon Rolls. My vegan sushi can be hit or miss—sometimes great, sometimes bland and boring, since yummy stuff like sriracha mayo and tempura isn’t usually vegan.

Making your own sushi bowl at home is loads cheaper than eating sushi out. And crispy spicy sushi bowls are healthier than traditional sushi, too, with whole-grain brown rice (there’s a neat little trick to make it taste like more sushi rice) and baked, panko-breaded asparagus rather than fried tempura.

Even if you’ve never attempted sushi, you can feel confident tackling this recipe since there aren’t any frustrating rolls to try to keep intact. Is it easy? There’s a good amount of active prep time here, but it’s really just like a few mini recipes in one. If you follow the instructions step by step, it flows pretty quickly. (I suggest reading the entire recipe including the helpful hints in the notes before starting.)

In fact, because it’s a few easy recipes in one, crispy spicy sushi bowls would be a perfect dinner to make with friends. So next time your v-gang is in the mood for sushi, invite them over to your place to make crispy spicy sushi bowls!

Or make a gorgeous date-night sushi bowl for two, like this one.


This recipe was republished with permission from Elizabeth Shah, Healthy Midwestern Girl.

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