Vegan Cultured Cashew Milk Just Launched at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s now carries organic vegan cultured cashew milk.

The affordable supermarket chain launched the new dairy-free beverage this season. Instagram user One Green Smoothie posted the find earlier this week, likening it to a vegan version of kefir, a fermented milk drink originating from Eastern Europe.

Trader Joe’s probiotic “Cultured Cashew Beverage” comes in two flavors — Plain and Mango — both containing no added sugar. “There is a lot of versatility with both a plain-think savory dishes, dressings, dips or sweeter with the mango-think smoothies, frozen treats, but also salad dressings, etc,” One Green Smoothie wrote.

Trader Joe’s: Vegan Shopping Paradise

The American grocery store chain first opened in 1967 by the eponymous Joe Coulumbe in Pasadena, California. It now has nearly 500 locations across the country. Trader Joe’s is best-known for its low price points on produce, frozen foods, pantry sundries, snacks, and desserts all sold under a private label.

In recent years, the grocery store chain has amassed somewhat of a cult following among lovers of vegan food.

Along with staples like beans, pasta, and cereal, Trader Joe’s carries a wide variety of specialty items, including vegan milk (soy, almond, coconut, cashew-macadamia, and flavored) and plant-based meat (Mandarin Orange “chicken,” Tofurky sausages, Lightlife chicken, tofu, and tempeh). You can also find nondairy coconut yogurt, vegan ice cream, and sweets like cookies and chocolate, typically for a lower price compared to other grocery stores.

Other recent vegan additions include watermelon jerky — chewy, dehydrated watermelon sliced — vegan cocoa puffs cereal, and dairy-free cheesy cashew dip.

Trader Joe’s Nixes Excess Plastic

Earlier this year Trader Joe’s began phasing out excess plastic in response to consumer demand.

“Taking into consideration our customer feedback and our desire to be great neighbors, we have been taking a careful look at our packaging and the opportunities that exist to make improvements, with respect to sustainability,” the chain announced last December.

Changes include replacing Styrofoam bases for its produce with compostable trays, replacing plastic produce bags with a biodegradale alternative, and discontinuing single-use plastic shopping bags. The grocery store also plans to reduce the number of items sold in plastic packaging and finding sustainable alternatives.

Trader Joe’s vegan Cultured Cashew Beverage is now available in stores.