Where to Find Vegan Currywurst in Berlin, Germany

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Generally known for being free-thinking activists and pursuing the fight for equality, Berliners are among some of the most progressive groups of people in Europe.

In some cases, it seems, their values have also extended towards the lives of pigs and other animals; apparent by the increase in veggie restaurants and the veganizing of Germany’s traditional fast-food dish, “Currywurst”.

The vibe in Berlin is a perfect testament to the people who live there, and it’s a great place to be if you’re in need of quality vegan food with likeminded folk.

Do keep in mind however that the German diet is generally quite meat-heavy, so whilst Berlin does have some specialty vegan restaurants, if you are specifically looking for Currywurst, 9 times out of 10 it will be in a non-veg restaurant…..Of course, this does have the ability to change. Supply and demand baby!

Vegan Currywurst Capital | Berlin, Germany



1. Frittiersalon
Frittiersalon boasts at least 9 vegan options in addition to the Currywurst you’ve already ordered in your mind. Vegan-cheese Poutine; yes please! And don’t even get us started on the intriguing dip selection… Wheatgrass mayo, anyone?

vegan curry sausage berlin

Where? Boxhagener St

2. Konnopke Imbiß
Curry sausage isn’t exactly something you’d expect to pay top dollar for, and with food starting as cheap as 1.90€, here is no exception. Konnopke Imbiß is an excellent option for those of us with tighter shoe-strings. Every cent counts, right? Luckily that doesn’t mean compromising on quality.

vegan curry sausage

Where? Schönhauser Allee

3. Curry at the Wall
Just your regular German sausage joint, really. Except they don’t think vegans are weird. Rock up with your friends and perch on a picnic bench with a coke and a side of fries.

vegan currywurst berlin

Where? Zimmerstraße