Vegan Dark Chocolate Pralines With Macadamia, Gummies, and Dried Fruit

Vegan Dark Chocolate Pralines With Macadamia, Gummies, and Dried Fruit

Who doesn’t love a small nugget of sweetness? I know I do and when it comes to chocolate it’s typically the perfect fix for my sweet tooth.

One of my favorite times to grab a quick small dessert is right before bed.

I know, I know…. probably not a good idea but every once in a while grabbing a delicious vegan chocolate praline does the trick.

Feel free to print off the recipe and simply enjoy!

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:89]If you love vegan recipes and dairy-free chocolate delights, you’ll be pleased to browse through other recipes that appeal to the sweet-toothed, ethical food connoisseur, in addition to those who simply know how to appreciate appetizing food when they see it.

Guests with a sweet tooth – guests of whom are prominent at just about any occasion with food, ever – can choose from, or sample all of, these nine vegan Christmas desserts.

For a quick, easy, and utterly irresistible appetizer, cheesy vegan cauliflower bites do just the trick. If that wasn’t enticing enough, they’re super healthy and kid-friendly. While you’re perfecting the hot and spicy vegetable game, sweet and spicy BBQ grilled eggplant is a sure crowd-pleaser for all ages.

Throw in a completely different spanner to the works. Vegan chocolate chip zucchini pancakes. Yes, they’re a thing. Yes, they’re totally delicious and great way to sneak in those five a day.

This recipe was republished with permission from My Vegan Dreams.

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