Vegan Dessert Hummus Available Nationwide


Hummus is a big deal. From dedicated supermarket shelves lined with hummus varieties, to celebratory hummus festivals, people cannot seem to get enough of this creamy chickpea-based spread. Delighted By Hummus is giving consumers a new way to devour this dip. Introducing Dessert Hummus.

Delighted by Hummus only makes dessert hummus – no red pepper or garlic options here. The company offers four flavors, all of which are gluten, soy, and tree-nut-free, and certified Non-GMO. Each variety is made from a minimalist blend of chickpeas, coconut oil, coconut milk, turbinado sugar, and sea salt, along with nisin (a vegan stabilizer) and cultured dextrose (a vegan digestive enzyme). A few more natural ingredients, like ground vanilla beans and cocoa powder, are added to create each unique flavor.

DessertHummus Stack

The line includes a flavor to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Options include Brownie Batter, Snickerdoodle, Vanilla Bean, and Choc-O Mint. The company invites the consumer to get creative with these dips. Beyond digging in by the spoonful, try spreading it on toast or fruit, topping ice cream sundaes, or even using it as a cupcake frosting. Like its savory counterpart, dessert hummus goes well with just about any (sweet) food.

Founder Makenzie Marzluff created Delighted By Hummus to encourage others to ‘spread their glitter,’ according to the company’s mission statement. She believes in spreading compassion and ‘high-vibes’ through positive interactions with others, and there’s nothing like a good dip to bring people together. She encourages customers to engage with her and others by posting their dessert hummus creations on Instagram. She is extremely active on this platform and reposts customer creations daily.

Marzluff received a substantial financial boost to grow her plant-based company via her appearance on Shark Tank in October 2017. She accepted a $600,000 investment from ‘shark’ Mark Cuban in exchange for twenty-five percent of the company.

Dessert hummus is available in both large and small retailers in select states nationwide. The company also sells its products online through Vegan Essentials.

Photo credit: @delightedbydesserthummus/Instagram