Vegan Vacations to Be 2018’s Hottest Travel Trend, Says Lonely Planet

Vegan Destinations are the 2018 Hot Travel Trend, Says Lonely Planet | LIVEKINDLY

Planning a big vacation for 2018? Well, hope you’re hungry, because according to the travel guide website, Lonely Planet, vegan and vegetarian travel is the hot travel trend for the coming year.

What does a vegetarian vacation look like? Pretty much any other vacation, with a few exceptions. The main one of course being food. Lots and lots of vegan food.

And according to Lonely Planet, you can hit up the world’s favorite travel destinations even as a vegan. Including Paris. Yes, Paris, home to boeuf borgenoin, duck liver pate, and all those butter croissants is also a destination for vegans.

A short stroll from the hilltop basilica of Sacré-Coeur, the Soul Kitchen is a standout among Montmartre’s charming cafes. It’s run by three women whose love of food infuses the market-driven dishes (half the menu is vegetarian). If you can’t stay for a meal, stop by for strong coffee and vegan cookies, with a side of daydreaming beside the bay window,” says Lonely Planet.

Or maybe the hot beaches of Rio are more your style? Don’t fill up on all those beachside acai bowls. You’ll want to save room for the Vegetariano Social Clube.

Vegan Destinations are the 2018 Hot Travel Trend, Says Lonely Planet | LIVEKINDLY

In Rio’s restaurant-lined Leblon district, you can feast on a vegan version of feijoada, one of Brazil’s signature dishes – and it’s just as decadent as the traditional recipe,” says Lonely Planet. “Chefs cook up the popular stew with black beans and smoked tempeh (rather than pork). It’s served on Wednesdays and Sundays, and goes down nicely with a passionfruit caipirinha or three.”

Vegan Destinations are the 2018 Hot Travel Trend, Says Lonely Planet | LIVEKINDLY

Strolling through a zen temple in Japan more suited for you? That’s also a fine choice, says Lonely Planet, especially considering Japan’s “age-old reverence for traditionally made tofu.”  In Kyoto,  Okutan Kiyomizu “has been preparing tofu for temple monks since 1635. It’s a hushed place where you sit at low tables, lingering over yudofu (tofu in a clay pot with vegetables). Ask for vegan or vegetarian; each mouthful is a delight.”

Of course, you don’t have to jet off to these international destinations to enjoy delicious vegan eats. Today, there are vegan and vegetarian restaurants and restaurant options all over the globe. And if your ideal vacay is more the staycay route (we feel you!), you can totally Netflix and chill with tons of international vegan recipes to choose from.