Doctors Urged to Prescribe Healthy Vegan Food to Patients

A seminar that focuses on the health benefits of plant-based foods in preventing some of the world’s most prevalent diseases is due to be held in Detroit, Michigan on December 7th. This comes after Dr Greger’s revelation that 8 out of the top 10 causes of death can be prevented through the adoption of a vegan diet.

The Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG) will be hosting the event, whose founder, Paul Chatlin is a keen ambassador for the positive effects a plant based diet can have. Paul ditched the animal products whilst awaiting heart bypass surgery and has never looked back.

The seminar will feature lectures from many medical professionals who acknowledge the benefits of veganism for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with around 60 doctors in attendance. Speakers will include diabetes specialist Caroline Trapp, Joel Kahn, MD and Robert Breakey, MD.

Speaking to Veg News, Joel Khan raved about the effects of a vegan diet, he stated ‘the scientific evidence that plant-based nutrition can prevent, halt, and reverse the top 15 chronic diseases that afflict patients at low cost, low risk and often equal or superior efficacy versus medications is powerful.

Much like Dr. Greger, Khan is a strong believer that educating people about the benefits of eating plant-based is a vital step. He observed we must first begin with medical professionals, he said, ‘the glaring lack of education and practical skills taught to doctors to assess and address nutrition in the office or hospital must be addressed as soon as possible.