Vegan Doctor to Star in New Documentary About ‘Healing America’

Vegan Doctor to Star in New 'Forks Over Knives' Produced Documentary

A producer of the popular 2011 vegan documentary “Forks Over Knives” is launching an online campaign to fund a new documentary called “Healing America.” The goal is to get to a theatrical release of a documentary with some big goals. In short, “Healing America” aims to “…document and drive a grassroots movement focused first on healing people through a plant-based diet, then on healing entire communities. We will demonstrate a social-action model that can be used locally to solve any social problem and, in so doing, lay the foundation for a more unifying alternative to today’s partisan politics.”

The overview of the film reads: “‘Healing America’ is a powerful new film production that will do something unprecedented… we’ll use the power of film to both document and drive a grassroots movement organized around the far-reaching benefits of a plant-based diet, whose intent is to empower our local communities to take back control of our health, and in the process to demonstrate a new social action model with the power to heal our nation first – then other nations – and even the global environment.”

The film will be promoted by Dr. T Colin Campbell and his son Nelson Campbell, two prominent figures in the vegan and plant-based community during their own Healing America tour. Back in January, Campbell began the Healing America tour alongside his son, PlantPure Founder and President, Nelson Campbell, with the goal of traveling the country and teaching people about the many benefits of a vegan diet.

Nelson spoke to VegNews before the tour, talking about their hopes and ambitions. “We will communicate ideas that go beyond health to bring people of varied interests and communities together,” he explained. “It is time to go beyond health, to make larger connections that can join communities heretofore working apart into a more unified force for change, including change that extends into the political sphere.”

Many consider Dr. Campbell to be the father of the science behind plant-based eating. Among many accomplishments, he authored The China Study,” a national bestseller that pioneered conversations around the connections between heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and nutrition.

To stay updated on the campaign or to support the project, head over to Healing America’s Indiegogo.