Vegan Doctors Launch Plant Based Health Podcast with Celebrity Guests

The podcast, ‘The Exam Room’, dubbed ‘The Healthiest Podcast Ever‘, was launched last month. The series will see vegan doctors examining what we need to know about how to live a long and healthy life, and also covers relevant medical news.

Co-hosting the podcast is Chuck Carrol and Dr. Neal Barnard. Carroll is known as The Weight Loss Champion for his sustained loss of a staggering 265 pounds, saving him from his morbid obesity. His weight loss is accredited to his 8-year-strong vegan diet.

The now-healthy man has made his present career from using his experience to help people get healthy and lose weight.

Dr. Neal Barnard for PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) said The Exam Room will “speak with inspirational guests who have saved their lives by losing weight and reversing diabetes and other chronic and acute illnesses.”

In addition, doctors, dieticians, and well-known vegans will join the podcast to discuss and examine the science of vegan diets, debunk the latest medical research, and also offer recipes.

Not that the co-hosts need special guests to make the podcast a great listen, with PCRM describing Barnard as “a real-life rock star and authority on plant-based living, motivates and inspires the vegan-curious and those who have been plant-powered for life.” 

This podcast’s debut episode is called ‘Have a Healthy Holiday and a Very Vegan New Year’, which can be found here. All the podcasts are free of charge and can be downloaded on iTunes, and Google Play or you can simply listen on PCRM’s website.

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Image Credit: Healthy You Radio | PCRM | The Weight Loss Champion