Vegan Animal Rights Documentary ‘Dominion’ Available to Watch Online

Animal rights documentary “Dominion” will be available for online viewing this week. The film, which is roughly two hours in length, will be available for streaming around the world and can be viewed with English, German, or Romanian subtitles.

It is possible the documentary will later be available on Netflix; an announcement posted online by “Dominion” included a link where fans can request for the film to be considered for Netflix.

The highly anticipated film explores the way in which humans and animals interact, especially looking at the food system and how animals for used human benefit. Drones, hidden cameras, and hand-held cameras are used to “expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture,” the film’s descriptor reads, working to question “the morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom.”

“Dominion” had its premiere screening in Melbourne, Australia on March 29. The event was sold-out and marked the first of 11 screenings that were held across Australia alone. All funds raised from the screenings were donated to Aussie Farms, an organization that works to expose the harsh reality of animal agriculture.

The documentary is the sequel to director Chris Delforce’s 2014 film “Lucent” that uncovered abuse in Australia’s pig farming industry. “Dominion” is co-produced by Shaun Monson, the creator of Earthlings. Vegan celebrities including actress Rooney Mara, Aussie singer-songwriter Sia, beauty mogul Kat Von D, actress Sadie Sink, and Academy Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix narrate the film.

The narration of a new film trailer shared online, says, “Most people consider themselves animal lovers. We recognize them not as objects but as complex being with whom we share the planet, our lives, our homes. We take pleasure from their pleasure. We anguish over their pain.”

Speaking about the animal food system, it continues, “Their suffering, unseen and unheard, their value determined only by their usefulness to humankind. Rationalized by a belief in our own superiority and the notion that might equals right. A notion that must be questioned.”

Those interested can stream “Dominion” online after 12 pm (AEST) on July 14. It is available for rental (99c) or download ($4.95). The film can be pre-ordered now. Fans can also pre-order “Dominion” on DVD.