New Vegan Documentary Praised by Leonardo DiCaprio to Debut in 2018

New Vegan Documentary Praised by Leonardo DiCaprio to Debut in 2018

Following the success of films such as Okja and What the Health, a new powerful vegan documentary named Eating Our Way To Extinction is set to be released next year.

The film has been created by Broxstar Productions, a production company run by two London based brothers behind the recent short Facebook film ‘Planet Earth – As We Eat Our Way To Extinction.’ The Facebook film brings great promise of what is to come from the brothers, it was described by Leonardo DiCaprio on Twitter as ‘the video future generations will be wishing everyone watched today.

Eating Our Way To Extinction Trailer IDGG from Broxstar Films on Vimeo.

The new film covers the most important aspects of the plant based movement, focusing on how animal agriculture affects the environment and how meat and dairy consumption affects our health, but also the economics of the meat industry. The filmmakers stated, ‘we will be showing the explosive and damning evidence that exposes the twisted economics in the foundations of an industry that is one of the most corrupt in the world.

The film will also address the issue of compassion, or lack of it, in the trade. It will emphasise the intelligence of farm animals and highlight that their emotional needs are not all that different to humans.

The film is set to inspire a brand-new wave of vegans to join what the brothers describe as an already ‘global phenomenon.’ They observed poignantly, ‘celebrities, leaders and famous athletes all over the world are making the switch, and the growing interest in a plant based lifestyle is hitting the mainstream media almost every day. The film will aim to leave audiences feeling moved and inspired; that by making the shift to a plant based diet, they are joining millions of people all over the planet in a global movement that is beginning to change the world.’


Image Credit: Georges Biard via Wiki Commons