Vegan Dog Food Company V-Dog Announces International Expansion

U.S.-based vegan dog food company, V-Dog, has announced its international expansion.

Following 13 years of distribution in the U.S., V-Dog is partnering with sister company V-Planet in order to offer its plant-based dog food to dogs across the globe.

“Our goals are to make connections with distributors interested in providing their clients with a high-quality, allergen-friendly, alternative dog food,” explained V-Planet’s vice president, Lindsay Rubin.In addition to offering health benefits such as improved skin and coat conditions and relief from food allergies, vegan diets for dogs eliminate animal suffering while drastically reducing environmental impact.”

Although V-Dog’s products will be internationally retailed under the V-Planet name, its branding and design will be mutually consistent, with a focus on V-Dog’s signature dog with leaf-ears.

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Its debut exhibit is scheduled for Interzoo, a gathering of the international pet food industry’s leading supply producers in Nuremberg, Germany, May 8-11.

V-Planet will first launch vegan dog kibble in 4.5 pounds and 15 pounds. The ingredients are all plant-based, with nourishing properties such as pea protein, lentils, and quinoa.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, feeding dogs a vegan diet is safe. It’s anundesirable substance-free, diet that many dogs thrive on. Mass-produced animal-based pet food often contains spoiled meat that can be treated with fat to make it taste more desirable, but poses a detrimental health risk to dogs.

According to the Harbingers of a New Age’s website, “Studies and numerous case reports have shown that nutritionally sound vegetarian companion animal diets appear to be associated with the following health benefits: increased overall health and vitality, decreased incidences of cancer, infections, hypothyroidism, ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, lice and mites), improved coat condition, allergy control, weight control, arthritis regression, diabetes regression and cataract resolution.”

Pet food is also linked to the dairy, and leather industries, as baby calves are sold to pet food manufacturers for a fraction of the price of an older cow. The calves allow for cheaper meat products that keep costs low and profits high for pet food producers. It’s a practice that’s been heavily criticized as animal welfare isn’t a priority.

Biotech startup Wild Earth recently acquired a $4 million investment to help the company create “the new generation of pet food.”  Evolution Food for Dogs, Halo, and Nature’s Recipe, also all offer vegan and vegetarian dog food formulas.   

Image Credit: V-Dog