Serious Bean Co’s Vegan Dr. Pepper Baked Beans Hit Thousands of Walmart Stores

Serious Bean Co's Vegan Dr. Pepper Baked Beans Hit Thousands of Walmart Stores

Beans are a nutrient-dense, protein-high, heart-health improving food. Dr Pepper is a carbonated, high-sugar drink. They’re a match made in heaven. At least, that’s what Walmart thinks, as the multinational retail corporation is now selling Dr Pepper baked beans across the U.S.

The unique combination is made by Serious Bean Co, a brand renowned for packing playful flavors into its preservative-free baked beans. Its previous products include Buckin’ Buffalo and Cracked Pepper. Priding itself on being “Always original. Always bold. Always delicious,” the company is passionate about creativity. It vows“We don’t do boring.”

Available since April, the “Sweet and a Bit Sassy” Dr Pepper flavored baked beans are now sold in up to 2,600 Walmart stores.

The beans are already a hit with consumers. One Twitter user explained, “[Dr Pepper] complements bbq sauce so I can absolutely see it being used in a baked beans recipe.” Others, however, are less keen: “Tonight my trash can ate the beans,” said another.

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Despite such a varied reception, unique, creative vegan-friendly food flavors are a growing trend.

In celebration of National Ice Cream Day on July 15th, The Hummus & Pita Co. launched vegan hummus ice cream. The four flavors – Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, and Banana Almond – are made with a base of chickpeas, tahini, dates, and vanilla.

Across the pond in Edinburgh, a Scottish company recently launched haggis-spiced vegan chocolate. Coco Chocolatier takes the sweet flavors of haggis and mixes them into a bar of Columbian dark chocolate. Cloves, allspice, and nutmeg are the key flavors, complemented by a bold dash of black pepper and vanilla. Whilst conventional haggis dishes contain a mince of animal hearts, livers, and lungs, the traditional spices and oat ingredients are typically a sweet blend, making them suitable for desserts when applied without the meat.

In London, even cannabis-infused frozen yogurt is now available from the Yogland Cafe. The plant-based froyo contains cannabidiol, or CBD oil (the potent compound extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant) and is also flavored with Japanese matcha tea.

Image credit: Serious Bean Co