This Vegan Drink Will Give Your Baby Even More Calcium Than Dairy

This Vegan Drink Will Give Your Baby Even More Calcium Than Dairy

Dairy milk has long dominated the drink market for babies and children. From an early age,
we’re told that cow’s milk can give children the vitamins they need to grow up big and strong. But parents and caregivers are now beginning to realize that plant-based milk can also deliver essential nutrients for babies.

Today, people have more access to information about animal products than ever before,
including the detrimental impact dairy can have on health. Dairy has been linked with a number of serious illnesses, including cancer. Professor Jane Plant — a scientist who survived cancer six times — conducted extensive research into the health risks of dairy.

She said, “cow’s milk is good for calves — but not for us. Cow’s milk [organic or otherwise] has been shown to contain 35 different hormones and 11 growth factors.”

Dairy-free nutritious drinks for kids do exist though, and there’s one stand-out brand making them: The Latte Co. No, it’s not coffee for babies. Founded by three mothers, Quebec-based The Latte Co offers two high quality nutrition-packed plant-based drinks for children: Bebe Latte and Kiddo Latte.

Both drinks — which are gluten and soy-free and made with whole food ingredients — are
designed to give babies and children everything they need to grow up big and strong, all by
harnessing the power of plants.

The Latte Co’s drinks contain plant-based sources of calcium. | The Latte Co

If you’re still concerned about calcium content, don’t be. The Latte Co uses red mineral algae, “a natural and bioavailable source of calcium.”

The company says the banana and coconut-tasting drinks actually contain more calcium than cow’s milk. “This essential mineral is better assimilated when it comes from a plant-based source,” the company notes on its website. The drinks are also rich in potassium, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin D, selenium, and manganese.

By a Mom, For Moms

The Latte Co formulas were created by a mother who, like all mothers out there, wanted the very best for her children. “For a long time, I looked in vain for an alternative milk for my children. That’s how I got the idea to create a product that would meet a real need,” Delphine Marinaro — who is also a lawyer and a naturopath — told LIVEKINDLY.

The Latte Co was founded by Delphine Marinaro, a mother, lawyer, and naturopath. | The Latte Co

Co-founders Sophie Godbout and Katia Pacioretty also believe strongly in the brand’s mission. “When Delphine told us about her project, we didn’t hesitate for a second to jump on board,” they said. “We share a common passion focused on ensuring the well-being of families, and we want to continue to develop our product line with this vision in mind.”

Bebe Latte was created for babies and toddlers from 12 months of age and older, but The Latte Co will soon also offer the drink for babies aged between six and 12 months. The company is also developing a drink for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, called Mamma Latte, as well as one for the whole family, called Instant Latte.

But it’s not all about families. The Latte Co is also launching products for athletes. Together with NHL professional athlete Max Pacioretty and his wife, ex-tennis player, Katia, the company is developing a drink — packed with nutrients, electrolytes, and bioavailable proteins — to help athletes keep hunger pangs at bay and maintain a healthy weight.

Bebe Latte and Kiddo Latte are available to purchase from select retailers in Quebec, as well as The Latte Co online.

Learn more about these organic plant-based milk for babies and children from The Latte Co.

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