Vegan Egg Is Having a Major Moment in China

Dicos, one of China’s biggest fast-food chains, has added Eat Just’s vegan egg to the menu. 

The partnership is significant. With 2,600 locations across 32 provinces, Dicos is the third-largest fast-food chain in China. Every year, it serves around 600 million consumers. The vegan JUST Egg has been added to the menu at more than 500 Dicos restaurants.

Even more significant, the vegan egg, served in a pre-baked, folded format, will completely replace traditional eggs in several menu items at these locations. This is the first time ever a fast-food chain has made a swap of this nature on this scale.

Consumers can order the vegan JUST Egg in three bagel sandwiches, three breakfast burgers, and a “western” breakfast plate. Not all of the items are served vegan or vegetarian, and some do include animal-based meat.

It’s not the first time California-based Eat Just’s vegan egg has been available in China. The product first launched in the country back in 2019. It’s available from several other restaurants and stores, as well as e-commerce platforms Tmall and 

The vegan egg is available in 7 menu items. | Dicos

‘A Generational Move’

In a press release sent to LIVEKINDLY, Eat Just’s CEO Josh Tetrick says the brand has “witnessed the excitement” consumers in China have for the vegan JUST Egg. He said: “[It’s] all driven by a generational move to healthier, more sustainable foods.”

He added: “We’re grateful to partner with Dicos on this global plant-based protein milestone.”

Dicos’ chief marketing officer Xie Yahui agrees with Tetrick that consumer attitudes towards food are changing. He said: “The introduction of JUST Egg at Dicos is a product and brand upgrade based on consumers’ increasing interest in nutrition, healthier diets, and environmental awareness.”

He continued: “We look forward to seeing the consumer response to [JUST Egg] and will plan future menu offerings around it.”

Shanghai-based GFI Consultancy has praised the new partnership. The organization is an independent partner of the Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific. The nonprofit focuses on the acceleration of alternative protein.

The consultancy’s general manager Doris Lee said in a statement: “Dicos’ bold move offers diners in China – the world’s largest consumer of eggs – a convenient opportunity to plant-based eggs. [They] are delicious, healthier, and more sustainable.”

She added: “Global demand for plant-based foods is skyrocketing, so Dicos will have a head start in the race to capitalize on the booming alternative protein sector.”