Where to Buy Vegan Eggs During the Coronavirus Panic

Vegan Egg Expands Globally Amid Coronavirus Panic

Vegan egg brand JUST has announced plans to expand internationally amid the current coronavirus outbreak.

The Bay Area brand revealed it has acquired several new global partnerships in North America, Latin America, Europe, and East Asia. The company aims to have JUST Egg for sale in these areas by the end of the second quarter of next year.

CEO and co-founder Josh Tetrick says JUST is prioritizing the health of its staff.

In the near term, the most important thing is making sure our own team and partners are protecting themselves and their family members, that’s more important than getting set up to sell in the fourth quarter,” Tetrick told FoodNavigator-USA.

Following San Francisco’s order to shelter in place, the company’s employees are now working remotely.

Where to Buy Vegan Eggs During the Coronavirus Panic
The company has sold the equivalent of 30 million eggs, to date. | JUST

‘Safe, Stable, Healthier’

JUST has sold the equivalent of 30 million vegan eggs, to date. The company says demand has increased. This is due to the “recent awareness of the necessity to build a food system that is safe, stable, and healthier.

Tetrick took to Twitter to note how the current coronavirus outbreak exposed the need for healthier food industries. I want to express my deep gratitude to anyone in your life on the front lines of this pandemic,” he tweeted. “We owe them our continued commitment to building a stronger, safer and more sustainable food system.

Tetrick is excited to see so many companies coming together to achieve this. “Our ability to scale to meet the demand is our main focus in 2020. It’s humbling to see some of the world’s most influential food companies join us to meet the challenge,” he said in a statement.

Where to Buy JUST’s Vegan Eggs

JUST’s new partners include one of Southeast Asia’s largest food companies, Betagro Group; South Korea’s leading food company, SPC Samlip; bakery company, Grupo Bimbo; one of Latin America’s largest edible fat and oil producers, Alianza Team; and delivery platform, Delivery Hero.

Those looking to stock up in the U.S. can find the product in local supermarkets and major retailers like Whole Foods and Gelson’s. To locate where JUST Egg is sold in your area, click here.