Vegan Eggs Made With Aquafaba on the Way to the UK

Vegan Eggs Made With Aquafaba on the Way to the UK

A new vegan egg, made by emerging plant-based food brand Alter-native Foods, is on its way to the UK.

Alternative Oggs is the latest plant-powered liquid egg substitute coming to market.

Made with aquafaba, the viscous water that chickpeas are cooked in, the product can be used in recipes for cake, mousse, scones, meringues, and brownies. It’s hassle-free and ethical, according to the brand’s website, and “good for the animals, planet, and people.”

Alter-native Foods creates a range of plant-based food, including mini chocolate fudge cakes, Victoria sponges, and lemon drizzle cakes, which are set to hit supermarket shelves early this year.

The company is on a mission to bring affordable, good-tasting, plant-based food to the masses.

“We know we can make amazing food and do good for the world at the same time,” Alter-native Foods wrote online.

“We don’t only believe in alternative foods, but in an alternative way of doing business: We’ll make our products accessible to all, through affordable pricing and creating a socially driven organisation of the future; embrace our customers as our family, allowing them to contribute to decisions and the choices we make as a company,” it explained.

The plant-powered brand added that it will measure its success in “things that matter,” like the number of chickens it saves, jobs it makes available, and meals it gives to people in need.

“These are the things that will reflect our success,” Alter-native Foods said.

Vegan Eggs Rising in Popularity

More people are looking for ethical ways to enjoy the flavors of food they love. Companies like JUST are tapping into this market, creating high-protein vegan eggs that rival their counterparts. JUST’s plant-based egg, made with mung beans, was named one of TIME’s “Smartest Sustainable Products of 2018.”

Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg can be used to make various dishes like omelettes and quiches. The brand also makes creamy egg-free mayonnaise.

Aquafaba in Vegan Food

Food creators are turning to aquafaba as a key ingredient in their products. The protein-packed item is used to make Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise, said to be the first vegan mayonnaise made with aquafaba.

The chickpea liquid is also used to make dairy-free butter, vegan meringue cookies, and animal-free mashmallows.