Vegan Eggs Are The New Eggs, Says Global Analysis

The egg, meat, and dairy industry would like people to think that vegan products are niche, that they don’t sell well. However, a recent report (with quite a lengthy title) called “Egg Replacement Ingredients Market – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts to 2022” projects egg replacements (vegan eggs) will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 5.7% between 2017 and 2022, amassing 1.152 million USD by 2022. Simply put, vegan eggs are a fast-growing business. The report states:

“This growth is majorly accounted to the growing preference for plant based natural ingredients among the general population, growing vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian population; frequent outbreaks of Avian Influenza; and safety benefits over natural eggs. However, there is reluctance to use the egg replacement ingredients from both the industrial users as well as the end consumer mainly due to its inability to replicate the exact flavor, taste, and texture like the real eggs.”

Egg replacements or egg alternatives, as they’re frequently called are becoming more popular for many reasons. First and foremost, increased research shows that eggs are not good for our health. If you watched What the Health perhaps you’ll already know all about this. And secondly, eggs from the traditional market are taken from chickens that are — in arguably quite an understatement — incredibly unhappy.

More and more these days people are asking: why eat a traditional egg when there are better options? Take this cholesterol free, vegan hard-boiled egg — made by the students at University of Udine, Italy — for example. Conversely to the report the vegan egg has achieved the same taste and texture without any of the cruelty. In addition, there are products in the US like the Vegan Egg from Follow Your Heart and Hampton Creek’s – a company which specialize in vegan alternatives – ‘Just Scramble’ which is 100% plant based, containing no cholesterol and 20% more protein than chicken eggs.

These days you can get almost everything in a vegan, animal-friendly version. There’s plant-based cheesedairy free milkvegan ice cream, and meat-free meats. With these options, people can enjoy delicious food, while helping themselves and the world. It’s win win win. Moreover as vegan egg products aren’t entirely accessible yet, it’s interesting to see that many people are creating their own adaptions at home from omelettes and egg scrambles to a variety of ingredients in baking.

All over the world vegan options are growing and becoming more accessible to the masses. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before these options become so popular that they’re as easily purchased as the traditional, not so animal-friendly options.