5 Amazing Vegan Fashion Labels You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Type ‘vegan fashion’ or ‘vegan clothing’ into an online search, and you will typically come across two things: a handful of longstanding vegan brands such as Matt & Nat, Vaute Couture and Olsenhaus; and big non-vegan brands such as American Apparel, J Crew and H&M that offer some vegan products. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the hundreds of smaller fashion labels that have emerged in the past few years that see vegan not as an afterthought – but as their main social responsibility.

Below is a selection of five outstanding 100% vegan labels that you may not have come across yet.

5 Amazing Vegan Fashion Labels You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Sedette Sandal Co.

The Swedes, Danes and Dutch have been wearing wooden clogs for centuries, but
unfortunately for vegans, most modern adaptations involve the use of leather. Enter
Sedette, which produces a take on this traditional European footwear that is fit for the twenty-
first century: modern, stylish and free of any animal products.
Sedette sandals have three components: a natural beechwood sole, rubber outsole, and woven
textile upper part. Traditionally, clog manufacturers use leather for the upper because it is the
only material strong enough to be secured by staples. In Sedette’s case, their shoes were
designed so the upper material could be inserted into the sole and a wooden dowel passed
through to hold it together. This innovation is what allowed them to use textiles with a
synthetic backing instead of leather.
Sedette’s first collection launched earlier this year. It comes with a choice of six uppers,
ranging from a classic black or gray to a palm tree that just screams summer. Find them here.


Doshi was founded with the goal of offering vegan professionals the possibility of owning
smart, quality fashion items without having to exploit animals. It has certainly achieved this
with its selection of backpacks, briefcases and belts for men and women. Take the classic
large brief, for example: it has side compartments for a laptop and sweater, a center
compartment for pens, cell phones and smaller items; and a slot for holding business cards.
At first glance, you wouldn’t know these products were not made of leather, but rest assured
they are completely animal free. Most of the items are made of Microfiber PU leather, a high
grade of vegan leather consisting mostly of microfiber with a small amount of polyurethane
to create the effect of leather. Other products are made from microfiber suede, a polyester
microfiber fabric that looks and feels like real suede. Find them here.

Jbeebe Shoes

Why use leather in footwear when burlap and cork can do just as good a job – and without
harming animals? Jbeebe’s custom-made sandals are all made of either a burlap or cork outer
lining and a soft, tan, microsuede inner lining. Silver glitter detailing and clear crystal jewels
are employed to give them a unique look.

These are the kind of shoes you can wear day or night, or on vacation. They give off a
relaxed feel, and could easily be dressed up or down with anything from a black evening
dress to a white bohemian skirt. Find them here.

Brown Boy

One of only a handful of 100% vegan brands out there that cater to women,
men, kids and babies. Although founded originally on the principle of creating stylish and
sustainable clothing for conscious shoppers, Brown Boy does not use any animal-derived
Everything is designed and made in-house using chemical-free organic cotton, eco-friendly
inks, and excess fabric cuts and waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. The
range is diverse, too: the men’s collection includes t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts; for
women, there are long, flowy dresses and pants inspired by the fashion of the Indian
subcontinent; the kid’s collection consists of embroidered sweatshirts and printed shirts with
a cute, summer feel. Find them here.

Baby N’anya

This brand was born from the frustrations of a new mother who could not find nice baby
shoes that did not contain leather. Fortunately for future moms, Baby N’anya offers a
selection of faux-leather fabric shoes with non-slippery soles that can be easily cleaned with
wipes or cloth. In keeping with the vegan theme, each pair is emblazoned with a cute animal,
such as a bunny, hippo or ladybug.
These shoes are designed in Los Angeles and manufactured in a factory in Peru. The factory
participates in a local women’s prison rehabilitation program, where women help to make
these beautiful vegan shoes as part of their own healing process. Find them here.

All five of the above brands, and more can be found at Phloem, a new online
marketplace for vegan clothing, footwear and accessories by 100% vegan brands.

Author: Nadav Shemer Shlezinger, co-founder of Phloem

Note: This advertorial is not sponsored or affiliated with LIVEKINDLY