Vegan Fast Food Chain Set for New Zealand Expansion

Vegan Fast Food Chain Lord of the Fries to Open in Wellington, New Zealand

A fourth location of vegan fast-food franchise Lord of the Fries may be opening up in Wellington, New Zealand.

In a cryptic Facebook update, the New Zealand page for the Australia-based Lord of the Fries posted an image of the company logo being blown over by a gust of wind. Kiwis seemed to know exactly what the message meant – Wellington, the windiest city in the world, will soon have its own location.

The fourth Lord of the Fries will join the chain’s already-existing New Zealand locations, two in Auckland, and one in Queenstown. According to New Zealand franchiser Bruce Craig, the chain appeals not just to vegans, but to vegetarians, omnivores, and those who follow religious diets like Kosher and halal. “We find that a lot of people are really excited when they find out everything is plant-based,” he said.

Founded in Melbourne in 2004, Lord of the Fries has seen enormous success in both Australia and New Zealand, proving that there is a demand for healthier fast food in both nations. Last June, it became the first restaurant in New Zealand to offer the vegan Beyond Burger made by California-based plant protein brand, Beyond Meat. The launch followed a successful debut at all Australian locations.

The team behind the successful franchise is now looking to branch out into new markets. Last June, Lord of the Fries announced that it would open its first Indian locations early next year. If successful, they hope to franchise at least 100 stores throughout the nation. “We’ve always known India would be a great destination for us, knowing that much of the culture there is vegetarian,” said co-founder Sam Koronczyk.

That same month, Lord of the Fries revealed its plans to expand to the UK market via a Twitter comment, likely targeting the increased demand for vegan options in restaurants driven by veg-curious omnivores.

Lord of the Fries has not yet announced where it will open up shop in Wellington. For updates, follow Lord of the Fries New Zeland on Facebook.

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