Vegan Festival Not Just for Vegans Sells Out a Month Before Event

An entire month before the actual event, tickets for one of the UK’s most anticipated vegan events of the year has sold out.

Vevolution, described as the vegan TED talks, was first hosted last year by Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel. Vevolution festival marks their seventh sold-out vegan event in London, four of which took place earlier this year.

One of the main differences between Vevolution and many other vegan events is that it’s designed for everyone to enjoy, not just vegans. ‘We believe Vevolution is becoming an intersection point for all types of people who want to be part of constructing a better future,’ says co-founder Judy Nadel.

Damien and Judy were even careful when choosing the name of the event, so as not to put off non-vegans, by not actually including ‘vegan’ in the title. They took the ‘word mash’ approach, naming their project Vevolution because they believe that veganism is the next step of the human race’s ‘evolution.’

It appears that they have succeeded in doing just this as Judy adds, ’We did an analysis of Vevolution Festival 2017 ticket holders and found that 30 percent of attendees don’t currently define themselves as vegan.’

Taking place on 25th November at The Ri in London, Vevolution will play host to a wide range of guests including Lucy and Tiffany Watson, Heather Mills, and the creators of the popular Facebook video group BOSH!

Image credit: Vevolution