Vegan Fish-Free Seafood Salad With Chickpeas and Tofu

Vegan Fish-Free Seafood Salad With Chickpeas and Tofu

This vegan fish-free seafood salad with chickpeas and tofu is the perfect recipe for your summer picnic or barbecue. This fish-free salad features flavors and texture of seafood without the cruelty.

Serve this vegan seafood salad as a side dish, in a sandwich, baguette, wrap, or even as a taco! This recipe is so easy and simple to make. The recipe features chickpeas, tofu, nori flakes, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, capers, among other tasty ingredients. These include vegan mayo, celery, sweetcorn, capers, miso, onions, garlic clove, and mustard.

Once you’ve mixed all of the ingredients together, you simply pop the vegan seafood salad in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. And voila! Enjoy! I hope you like this recipe as much as I do.


Additional Recipes

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Or how about this easy vegan pasta salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing? This recipe is quick to make. It’s refreshing and seasoned with a tasty lemon-mustard vinaigrette dressing. This pasta salad recipe is perfect for a quick lunch. You can easily pack it to-go for a picnic at the park, too! The recipe can be made in under 20 minutes. Black pitted olives add umami to this salad. Enjoy!

This recipe was republished with permission from Aaron Calder Vegan.