Vegan Food Set to Soothe Economic Woes, Experts Predict

Trendologist company, Andrew Freeman & Co. has predicted that vegan food could provide great comfort to Americans in the coming year as they look for ways to ease the pain of economic and political unrest.

According to Andrew Freeman, ‘everyone is feeling a little unsure’ about the economy and the political future of the U.S., and this is leading consumers to make different choices. They are choosing to hold themselves, and brands, to higher standards in order to take back control in a world where they have control over little else.

Freeman noted that politics, social change, and the economic are ‘going to affect us all from a cultural point of view.’

For many people, the socio-political climate is not just playing on their emotional well-being, but also having an impact on their wallets. Plant-based diets, which focus on basic whole foods, can often provide people with the nutrition they need without breaking the bank, which could be another reason consumers are turning to vegan food.

Among other benefits of a vegan lifestyle, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that ditching animal agriculture can have a significantly positive impact on the environment. It’s likely that with such an uncertain future ahead, many people will look to more sustainable ways of living. Freeman comments that the number of natural disasters that 2017 is also unsettling to consumers, and the prevalence of natural disasters is a result of global warming.

Freeman notes that veganism isn’t the only sustainable food option people will be paying attention to in the coming year, saying ‘everyone is talking trash these days.’ He suggested that innovators making food ‘scraps’ and ‘ugly fruit’ into something edible and nutritious will also be popular as reducing food waste becomes a central issue.

Ultimately, vegan food will allow consumers to make positive choices which effect change at a time where they feel many negative changes out of their control have occurred and more are afoot.