Chefs Identify Vegan Food as Top Restaurant Trend in 2018

Chefs at over 80 restaurants have said that plant-based food will be a top restaurant trend in 2018, with many menus featuring more meat-free options.

Top vegan chef James Kenney recently announced his belief that chefs have the same responsibility as doctors when it comes to keeping us healthy. Kenney observed, “A world that largely thrives on plants, that at least becomes plant-centric, is a better world, a happier world, a healthier place, and it is a world changed. I firmly believe that chefs have the ability to do this. They are the ones buying, cooking, and serving the food, and creating choices for people.” 

It seems chefs in 2018 will be serving up more vegan food, which will provide healthier options for customers and fulfilling Kenney’s wishes.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants have gathered information from surveys carried out by leading chefs, bartenders, managers, and sommeliers from across the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean and made the announcement in their fourth annual ‘Culinary and Cocktail Trends Forecast’ report. The trend has been labeled ‘Meatless is Going Mainstream’ and the chefs from around the globe believe it will be in the top six food trends for 2018.

The report says ‘A majority of Kimpton chefs said plant-based proteins such as tempeh or beet burgers will disrupt menus and win the hearts of vegetarians and omnivores alike. Thirty-one percent of chefs think vegan and nut or seed based spreads like sunflower butter and cashew cream cheese will give avocado toast (the reigning darling of healthy brunches) a run for its money.