Vegan Food Truck Drives to Feed the Homeless with Healthy Plant Based Meals

With their monthly charitable work in homeless shelters, Atlanta-based, vegan food truck, Vego Bistro, is proof that being vegan doesn’t just have to mean standing up for animals.

Through their work as a food truck and a charity — called Full Bellies: Full Hearts — they hope to expand their reach in Atlanta. Business owners Lindsay and David Esterline partner with other local organizations and offer the full range of their menu, free of charge, to folks who are homeless. Their menu includes BBQ Pulled Vork Sandwich (with jackfruit), V-egg Salad Sandwich, Macaroni and Cheez, a Taco Slack, and much more.

On their website, they explain that Full Bellies: Full Hearts is a testament to their religion. Lindsay wrote, “I wanted us to get out of our suits and dresses and spend a day getting dirty and sweaty meeting the needs of the neediest people in Atlanta because that is what Jesus would do.” In essence, she and her husband wanted to spend less time in the church and more time out helping people.

They’re currently undergoing major growth, with solid plans for the construction of their own commissary kitchen. They are near the end of a GoFundMe to fully finance the new kitchen. What’s clear is that this is much more than a money-making venture for this couple.

To support their work, please donate. To specifically support their expansion project, visit their GoFundMe.

Image credit: Vego Bistro