Vegan Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton Wins His 5th World Champion Title

Vegan Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton Wins His 5th World Champion Title

Vegan athlete Lewis Hamilton is now five-time Formula One World Champion.

The Daily Mail reports that the British race car driver secured the victory on Sunday evening in Mexico City, making him the third driver ever to have won five World Champion titles. The victory was no doubt an emotional one, occurring just days after the death of Hamilton’s grandfather.

“I will always remember and I will never forget the things that he did in order for me to be here today,” he said. “I really do aspire to be like him, as a strong black man, as a father, and as a human being for doing what he did in the difficult times. All the work that he put in, my grandfather would be so proud, and I am proud to have the Hamilton name up there.”

Many had speculated that the vegan athlete would be the one to become the 2018 World Champion. Last July, Hamilton took first place at the German Grand Prix and became even closer to victory when he won the Singapore Grand Prix in September. According to ESPN, Hamilton also took first place at several Formula One races throughout the year.


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lewis hamilton on his big win

The new Formula One World Champion took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message shortly after his big win.

“Unbelievable, 5 World Championships! This is a moment I will never forget, a moment we reach together. To my parents, I am forever grateful for you supporting their small boy with a big dream,” Hamilton wrote“From teaching me to take my first step to racing in my first kart, you’ve enabled me to unlock my full potential. Look where we are now! If there’s one thing they’ve taught me is to always believe in possibilities, no matter what life deals you. There is a path out there to your dreams.”

“To my Team, thank you for inspiring me every day with your collective vision and for dreaming the biggest dreams in the sport,” he continued. “I love all of you guys. TeamLH, each voice of yours connects with me in ways you will never know. You are beacons of light and we continue this journey together!”

why lewis hamilton went vegan

In September 2017, Hamilton took to social media to announce that he was determined to adopt a plant-based diet. “Going to watch ‘What the Health Tonight.’ I’m on a mission to go vegan, people. Animal cruelty, global warming and our personal health is at stake,” he said.

By November, the 33-year-old athlete was devoted to his new lifestyle, revealing to CNN that he felt healthier than ever before – and that he couldn’t imagine going back to eating meat and dairy.


Hamilton has since used his platform to encourage others to try a vegan diet, not only for health, but also for the animals. Taking to his Instagram story, the vegan athlete showed footage from a slaughterhouse paired with the caption,“if you can’t bear this with your eyes, don’t put them in your mouth.” 

His Instagram profile matches his commitment to a more compassionate lifestyle, stating “Plant Based Diet. Love Animals.”

Come next year, Hamilton says that he plans to put on more muscle thanks to new Formula One regulations that exclude a driver’s weight from the weight of their vehicle. Despite misconceptions that it is difficult for athletes to gain weight on a vegan diet, Hamilton is looking forward to using the opportunity to put on more muscle.

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